There is no question in my mind that my No.1 New Year's resolution this year is to:


I really dislike them! Why?

1. The are awkward and clumsy to get on and off
2. I rarely wade deeper than my knees anyway - so pointless.
3. I NEVER wade deeper than my waist - so pointless.
4. They encourage wading - when I would actively discourage it! (50% of the fish are on your side of the river anyway) - wading is just disturbing.
5. They look awful! Just ask your partner what they think!
6. Answering the call of nature is an ordeal!

Thankfully, many manufacturers have also seen the light and waist waders which are more like trousers are being introduced. Hurrah! Out with the old and in with he new.

So this year, if you see me in chest waders then you have my permission to throw me in - that's all they are good for - holding water.

Happy New Year!