I have approached the Moderator of the site that the St Marys Rapids in Ontario Canada is an amazing Atlantic Salmon Fishery but it is yet to be listed on the map section,I have guided the St Marys Rapids and had customers from half way around the world in awe.Being in Northern Ontario it is over looked but the word is that the St Mary Rapids is one of the most unique fisherys in the world as it never freezes up and the Atlantic Salmon are present year round along with some of the most amazing Steelhead fishing year round, Now credit must be given to the SSLU as they are the ones who have turned the St Marys Rapids into the Atlantic Salmon fishery it is as fish returning in 2010 will be 7 year old fish and they are thriving.
Anyone wanting info email me at soonorthflyshop@gmail.com or call 1-705-575-7739 or 1-705-987-1745

You definately wont be disappointed if you make the trip in mid July or August