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    Post your fishing videos

    Excellent video of sea trout spawning in Denmark

    [ame=]YouTube - Sea trout spawning[/ame]



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    Pike on a spey rod

    I have been experimenting with Pike fishing using a spey rod. It works really well. My biggest so far is a fat 42 inch fish. I have some great photos of me casting for it, and some of me fighting it, and even one where it is half out of the water right next to me just prior to landing it. However, just before I landed it, the camera said "No Battery" and died. I don't kill big fish of any kind for any reason, so I don't have a good photo of it. The one in this video is just a hair shy of 40 inches. In the beginning of the video the camera guy asks me if it "is as big as the one you lost the other day?" I say "No, it's a good one, but not near as big.." The one we were talking about was a full 45 inches or better and stripped me out into backing while I chased it down the river running along the shore. It broke me off on a submerged chunk of rotten wood. I know because it buried the leader in it and that was all I reeled in. Still fun.
    [ame=]YouTube - Spey Rod for big Pike[/ame]

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