I am new to this site and am getting back into fly fishing. I will be graduating college very soon and will have more time. Having had to pay for school I had sold my two rods and reels to help pay for some of the costs. I used to have a G Loomis Streamdance Metolius 9 ft 4 weight with a Ross Cimarron #2 and a Sage Fli 3 weight with an okuma reel. I am looking to expand from just trout fishing and interested in going after bass as well. I am wondering if a 5 weight would give me the versatility (to still tackle trout) and be able pull some of these big bass away from cover. I am partial to loomis rods and found someone who has a pretty good deal on a new PRO4x 9' 5 weight. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks!