Hello, this is my first post and I am grateful to any/all who can give me some perspective. I have a chance to pick up a second-hand Sage XP 696-2 in good condition for about $400, and I was wondering what experience any of you might have had with this rod or similar? I'm an avid fisher of modest ability, and fish the western US in bits and pieces. I've got an older Sage Graphite III model GFL 790-4 RPL and a Sage VXP 379-4 that are my primary rods, with other oddballs (including fiberglass!) that I break out from time to time. Intended use for the XP would be medium to larger rivers, bigger flies and nymphing, fishing at medium to longer distance. Looking for a balance of power and finesse, if possible.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide-