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    "tourist" flyfisher looking for advice


    So first post here, looked this place up through a search engine.

    At December to Januari i will have a small vacation in Orlando, really looking forward to this.

    Been looking for guided tours and well most of them feels a little bit to pricy for me, and i was wondering if someone could tell me a bit if there is season for a certain species and what kind of fishing you would recommend.

    For me trout and such is not that tempting, im thinking more saltwater ? Since its a family vacation i donīt have to much time 1 maybe 2 days of real fishing.

    So i hope someone could help me out on gear that would be usefull, possible to rent ? something i should look out for (alligators and such ? ) Laws regulations i need to read up on ?

    All hints would be most appreciated since i have zero insight in your waters, or is a guide the way to go ?

    Thanks in advance,



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    Re: "tourist" flyfisher looking for advice

    Hi Thomas,

    I was in Orlando a couple of summers back and what you have nearby (1-2 hour drive) is the famous Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River system which can provide some great redfishing and speckled trout amongst other species.

    This site is actually based out of the UK so I can't claim to be a local expert but I did some research and what I found out was that I could get great advice from the local fly shop of course - Orlando Outfitters. Give them a call or email them for some ideas of where you can go on your own or of course they can arrange a guide for you. They will be happy to show you on a map where to go if you want to self-guide yourself but I would thoroughly recommend getting a guide for at least one trip as it's a very large area and as I found you can search lots of places by car as there are lots of dirt trails along the waterside but being in a boat gives you a much better chance of success.

    Best of luck and please share some photos here when you get back ok,


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