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    rainbow trout breeding technology

    Hi Salmonatlas
    My name is Trannamhong from Vietnam.
    Since 2005 rainbow trout has grown in VN but untill now eggs are bought from Finland and USA... Problem of trout breeding is not studyed. Could you tell me about trout breeding? Could you send or recommend any book about trout breeding?
    Thanks you.
    Best regards
    My emai

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    Hi Namhong

    Welcome to the SalmonAtlas. There are many trout breeding farms in the UK so the technology is well known and I'm sure a quick Google search will reveal books. What is unusual in the UK is that Rainbows dont breed well at all in the wild - with only a few examples.

    I suggest you ask the same question on our sister web site which you are also a member of (same log in).

    Here also is an interesting thread on that forum.

    why dont rainbows breed in the uk? - Fly Fishing Forums

    All the best


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    Vietnam Weather and Climate

    Having just done a temperature search for Hanoi which is to your cooler north ,my guess is your climate would be to warm for natural breeding .
    With chilled tanks you could raise them and stock them in mountainous areas.
    My thoughts are Cyprinid (carp type0 fish would be a much better bet with your climate!

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