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    The Kola River – Big Chrome Paradise!

    Fishing the Kola River is one of the best opportunities on offer worldwide to catch a 30Lb – 40lb+ trophy salmon. Here you have a real shot of catching the BIG one and to get quite a few 20lb + as extra bonus. Salmon Junkies are happy to announce that we have taken Kola River under our management for 2013 and future years. A new ambitious plan from new owner, which involves serious enforced river control and conservation, has been presented for Salmon Junkies and we have decided to give it our full support. With enforced control, we now believe that the future of Kola River looks brighter than ever for the salmon and all the Salmon Junkies.

    Despite great catch statistics; we could all agree that Kola River’s reputation has deteriorated over the years due to poor management and control. Seeing poachers or non-licensed fishermen on their so-called exclusive beats has left anglers immensely frustrated. There has never really been an established authority nor the motivation to deal with the problem. Dmitryi Leonidovitch Kuznetsoy, a successful business entrepreneur and avid fly fisherman, has taken on Kola Camp. He aims to restore Kola River as one of the best fishing destinations for large Atlantic salmon. A passionate Salmon angler himself, Dimitry fully appreciates the importance of both conservation and management controls in realizing his ambitions for the Kola.

    The new ‘Sheriff in Town’ implemented a new protection plan in 2012 providing a strong and enforced river management system for the 35 km of prime fishing water on the Kola. We at Salmon Junkies plan to support the new ownership. With 1,200 – 1,500 salmon caught on the main camps stretch of the Kola in 2012, we believe that the future of Kola River looks brighter than ever.

    Salmon Junkies has signed a long term contract that guarantees management by 9 private security guards. Controls will be in place from Lake Pulozero on the Kola and the St Petersburg Highway on the Kitsa down to the Junction Pool. We are therefore confident that illegal fishing activity will be minimized, perhaps eradicated, on the 35 km plus stretch of the river where Salmon Junkies will enjoy full exclusivity. This is great news for both the lodge and the entire river, which has a strong pedigree for producing huge salmon with an amazing average weight.

    As with our successful Umba program we have tried to think outside-of-the-box for the Kola. During 2013 Salmon Junkies are able to offer the 3 best weeks of the season on an exclusive basis for 10 rods only with an EXTRA bonus day, giving 7 full days of quality fishing. Our price, at only Euro 4450 per rod from Murmansk, is half to one third of other Northern rivers.

    If you interested to join us on our new journey to BIG CHROME PARADISE, please do not hesitate to contact Steffen Juhl to secure your rod in the years to come ( .

    Please note only 10 rods per week!

    All the best,

    Steffen & Kåre
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