I say preliminary because my rivers today are still locked by ice, May 15, 2013. It seems that the ice may begin to go out at any day now but as of now I have not cast this rod yet. I'll be posting back in a week or so with the action assessment.

I chose a 13' Hardy Marksman 2 T in 13' 8 weight and am happy with the way they are making the rods. I haven't been able to fish with it yet but expect to go within a week.

The package starts off with a tube bag over and protecting a nicely finished powder coated rod tube. Inside the tube your rod is of course protected in a well made rod sock.

The reel seat is totally different than any of my old rods and the knurled locking rings spin freely on the threaded hardware.

Fit & finish is good quality all around and the only gaps I found in the cork are the 2 at the neat little trim ring on the rear or bottom cork.

In keeping with the traditional way that Hardy does things the rod sections are provided with ferrule plugs for all female ferrules, a nice touch for sure. While ferrule plugs are not really needed they impart a certain old school quality to a good rod.

The reel seat has a good solid and smooth fit and here you see it fit with the reel that I will use with this rod already loaded with a 690 grain 55' head.

I'm ready to get this season going here