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    Trevor Morgan Javelin Spey Fly Line #10/#11

    Out of the blue, with a twang of the letter box, a fly line arrived in my hall way. What was it?

    A Trevor Morgan Javelin Spey #10/11 — I’d never heard of it?

    It looked good though — rich — almost opulent and had that wonderful new fly line smell - the scent of anticipation.

    What impressed me most however, was the hand-written (a rare thing these days) letter that came with it. Trevor was so enthusiastic! Refreshingly, Trevor was not boasting about the line, but about the difference it made to his clients’ casting performance. Good attitude I thought!

    Trevor Morgan (I then discovered) is an AAPGAI casting instructor based in London with a string of clients knocking on his door.

    His letter continued to impress, ... “I wanted a line that made the rod quickly engage its gears and help the caster immediately” .... “I was lucky, I found one of the few remaining true craftsmen fly line makers in the UK and we hit it off” .... “unlike others I wanted the very best quality fly line he could make – whatever the cost” .... “watching the surprise and then delight on my clients’ faces is my reward”.

    This was good stuff! So the package in front of me was full of promise — but could it deliver?

    That weekend I took a selection of rods and lines up to a quiet stretch of the River Tyne and tried the TM Javelin for the first time.

    When I say I was impressed I do so with massive understatement. This line was quite different to all others and reminded me of a Mercedes sports car; luxurious and smooth — yet powerful and fast!

    Each fly rod I tried felt instantly responsive with the Javelin in its rings, and seemed almost grateful, like an engine given high octane petrol. But there was no doubt who was boss — the fly line was in full control. The secret (and it is) is the unusual weighting of the head which gives quick loading followed by easy transfer of energy and penetrating loops. The line is also extremely supple, floats high on the water and makes the minimum of fuss. A revelation.

    The Javelin Spey, designed with the ‘improver’ in mind, has an easily manageable 50ft head with a very slim, slick running line for shooting distance. I have not used a longer headed Spey line since — what is the point? This line really does make casting easy with the minimum of effort, yet in the right hands the Javelin can fly for miles!

    I own very good fly lines from most of the major brands but they all now lie dormant. Everyone who tries my Javelin fly line wants one and, as I have subsequently discovered, because these lines are manufactured in such tiny quantities, Trevor’s client’s have normally grabbed them all.

    In my opinion, this is the best Spey fly line money can buy and the trout version is just as impressive too. What more can I say, except try one — then buy one (if you can)!


    The Javelin is available in floating and sinking.
    AFTM #9/10 or #10/11

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    I can only echo what Editor has said about this line!
    Also to add that there is a sinking version available which will be getting a good spin on the Tay this weekend

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    Re: Trevor Morgan Javelin Spey Fly Line #10/#11

    I have become a real fan of these lines. I wouldn't change a thing about them. I hope they become a huge international success so that when I go to buy more in the future, there are still more to buy.

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