Publication year: 2010
Source: Aquaculture, Volume 306, Issues 1-4, 15 August 2010, Pages 7-23</br>
Les, Burridge , Judith S., Weis , Felipe, Cabello , Jaime, Pizarro , Katherine, Bostick</br>
The World Wildlife Fund is facilitating a dialogue on impacts of salmon aquaculture. The goal of the dialogue is to establish the state of knowledge in seven subject areas associated with the industry: benthic impacts, nutrient loading, escapees, chemical inputs, diseases, feeds and social issues and to establish international standards for salmon aquaculture practices. Chemical inputs from salmon aquaculture include antifoulants, antibiotics, parasiticides, anaesthetics and disinfectants. The use and potential effects of these compounds are herein summarized for the four major salmon producing nations: Norway, Chile, UK and Canada. Regulations governing chemical use in each country are presented as are...</br>