Decline of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Switzerland – How to assess potential causes in a multi-factorial cause–effect relationship

Publication year: 2008
Source: Marine Environmental Research, Volume 66, Issue 1, July 2008, Pages 181-182</br>
Patricia, Burkhardt-Holm</br>
A considerable decline in fish catch in Switzerland triggered a 5-year project (Fischnetz) to investigate potential causes. The results of many field and laboratory studies, together with literature and historical data, indicated a need for a concise synthesis of the results. Therefore, Bayesian probability network (BPN) and weight-of-evidence (WOE) approaches were applied. Here, these both approaches are compared and evaluated. In addition, the potential reasons for the (mis)match in the two approaches were evaluated. In both studies, proliferative kidney disease (PKD), caused by a parasite, and the clinical outbreak supported by various factors, was a very probable single parameter. WOE...</br>

11th August 2010 12:14

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