Evaluating an ecosystem service provided by Atlantic salmon, sea trout and other fish species in the River Spey, Scotland: The economic impact of recreational rod fisheries

Publication year: 2009
Source: Fisheries Research, Volume 96, Issues 2-3, March 2009, Pages 259-266</br>
J.R.A., Butler , A., Radford , G., Riddington , R., Laughton</br>
In 2003 a study was undertaken in the River Spey catchment, north-east Scotland, to estimate the economic impact of recreational rod fisheries for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), brown and sea trout (S. trutta), pike (Esox lucius), and non-native rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Thirty-one fishery owners and 372 anglers completed questionnaire surveys on average catches and angler effort in 1998–2002. Anglers reported their daily expenditure, and the CogentSI model was used to derive multiplier effects. Total annual angler days were 54,746, of which 74% were from salmon and sea trout anglers. Angler expenditure was estimated to be £11.8millionannum-1, of which £10.8...</br>

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