Publication year: 2010
Source: Aquaculture, Volume 306, Issues 1-4, 15 August 2010, Pages 225-232</br>
J.G., Bell , J., Pratoomyot , F., Strachan , R.J., Henderson , R., Fontanillas , ...</br>
The present study compared the effects of diets formulated with reduced fishmeal (FM) content and either 100% fish oil (FO) or 100% of a vegetable oil (VO) blend in post-smolts of three family groups of Atlantic salmon. Two groups were selected as being either “Lean” or “Fat” based on estimated breeding values (EBV) for flesh adiposity of their parents derived from a breeding programme, while the third group (CAL) was a mix of non-pedigreed commercial families unrelated to the two groups above. The VO blend comprised rapeseed, palm and a new product, Camelina oil in a ratio of 5/3/2, and...</br>