Marine survival of reared Atlantic salmon in the Baltic Sea: The effect of smolt traits and annual factors

Publication year: 2009
Source: Fisheries Research, Volume 96, Issues 2-3, March 2009, Pages 289-295</br>
Irma, Kallio-Nyberg , Matti, Salminen , Irma, Saloniemi , Laura, Kannala-Fisk</br>
We examined the factors underlying the deteriorating marine survival of a hatchery stock of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar. The stock originated from the salmon population of the Neva River, which flows into the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea. During 1981–2005, about 134,000 Carlin-tagged Neva salmon smolts were released in the Gulf of Finland and the Bothnian Sea. We investigated the effects of fin damage, smolt length, sexual maturity (precocious maturation), smolt year, the time (days) between tagging and release and the release date on survival. The survival of the released smolts clearly decreased towards present. In earlier years,...</br>

11th August 2010 12:14

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