By Per-Erik Olsson, Ake Larsson, Carl Haux
Marine Environmental Research, Volume 24, Issues 1-4, The Fourth International Symposium on Responses of Marine Organisms to Pollutants, 1988, Pages 151-153, ISSN 0141-1136, DOI: 10.1016/0141-1136(88)90283-8.

Rainbow trout were exposed to 200 ppb cadmium in the water during four months at 5[degree sign]C. The liver, kidney and gills were analyzed for cadmium, copper, zinc and metallothionein. Cadmium accumulated in all three organs and reached the highest concentration in the kidney. The zinc and copper concentrations were not altered during the experiment. The metallothionein concentration was significantly higher in liver of exposed fish than in control fish after three months. The kidneys reached significantly elevated levels of metallothionein in the exposed group after four months. These results demonstrate that metallothionein is induced by cadmium after exposure to the metal via water.

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