By S.A. Klein, D. Jenkins
Water Research, Volume 17, Issue 10, 1983, Pages 1213-1220, ISSN 0043-1354, DOI: 10.1016/0043-1354(83)90244-0.

JP-8 is a widely-used commercial and military jet fuel which may reach the aquatic environment by several avenues. The toxicity of JP-8 to cold and warm water fish was investigated to help define the impact on fresh water species. Fish were exposed to the water soluble fraction (WSF) of JP-8 in static acute bioassays and continuous-flow bioassays of approx. 4 months duration. The goal was to determine the 96-h LC50 and the long-term no effect level on the life cycle. The acute toxicity to a warm water fish was found to be unaffected by pH in the range of 7.3-9.1. The no effect level with respect to growth was lower in rainbow trout than in flagfish. Fuel accumulation and depuration from fish tissues are compared for the two species, as are the effects on egg hatching. The relative toxicity of JP-8 and JP-9 (previously reported) is discussed.

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