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Topher Browne addresses thekey issues that have puzzled salmon fishers for generations: Why does a salmontake a fly? What does a salmon see? He offers answers and sometimes challengesthe theories of greats such as Wood and Falkus.

The editor of Trout & Salmon described it as, "The finest modernsalmon-fishing book and a must for anyone serious about salmon fishing."

Author & Outdoorsman Charles Gaines reveals that: “It is not usually myinclination to rank books about subjects that interest me, in the case ofTopher Browne’s “Atlantic Salmon Magic” the urge to do so is irresistible: Ibelieve it is the best and most comprehensive book on Atlantic salmon everwritten. In fact, let me go a step further: Along with Andy Mills’s tarpontome, I believe “Atlantic Salmon Magic” is one of the two best and mostcomprehensive books ever written about any game fish.“

Read the full review on the Camp Bonaventure website.

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