Week one on the River Yokanga (9 - 16 June 2012) saw 14 rods catch 94 salmon, all but five of them fresh fish.
The biggest fish weighed 33lbs and was caught by Steffan Simberg -one of four fish which weighed over 30lb and 35 salmon weighed over the 20lb mark. Also caught were 53 salmon of 10-19lbs and a couple of grilse.
The weather was very changeable but always warmer than it should be at this time of year and a big storm saw a biggish rise in river levels.
The fishing manager reported:
'Last year was the exception to the rule with summer conditions at the beginning of week one. Does 2 years in a row turn an exception into a "trend"? Either way it was good news for those arriving to fish at Yokanga Lodge on the 9th June 2012.
'It was a great shame we had the incredibly heavy rain on Wednesday as fishing was just hotting up. Only 7 hours of rain resulted in the river rising more than half a metre. Although it did not colour, there was a fair bit if sediment which reflected in the bright sun on the last two days of the week and made for less than willing takers.
Never mind, the team had very good fun and some very memorable fish - in fact more than 8 personal bests during the week and almost all fishers landing at least one fish over 20lbs. Let's hope the river starts dropping again and we get some cooler cloudy weather over the next weeks. If we do there will be some very memorable days on the river for fishers.'