Ponoi River June 9th - 12th by Sune Mathias Bach:
'Kåre just called me last night and gave me a quick update on the fishing conditions at the Ponoi camps at the moment. Water level is pretty low –13 degrees C. but there are fish in all pools! The weather is pretty mixed, anyway our group of 5 rods are happy and catching fish. So far 178 salmon have been landed with some beauties between 15 – 18lbs.
Yesterdays Top rod was Nils Lennart, from Sweden who caught 21 salmon – Good job! Also Kåre managed to sneak his fly in the water and landed a nice 20lbs Ponoi Salmon!
Most catching flies are Red Butt and the Cascade fished on floating or intermediate lines. So far Acha Camp had some difficult conditions so far 2 rods have been fishing there and 50 salmon landed.'

Mikael Frödin meanwhile reported on his week at Kharlovka on the Kharlovka Master class and summarised that 'it sure was great! 95 fish for the week 5 over 30 lbs!'

Meanwhile on Roxtons' Varzuga and Kitza operation the salmon catches are holding up as well as ever in this big-numbers season.
At Kitza the camp manager Tom reported seeing more fish yesterday than he had on previous days and the group of eight rods recorded 58 salmon landed.
The eight rods on Pana had a recent bumper day of 139 salmon landed. At Middle Camp, reports Christopher Robinson in today's Varzuga Blog, 'we saw numerous pods of silver fish splashing through and our team of 11 landed 126 salmon, the largest of falling to David KW. Ian S is acknowledged by all to be our expert and he is now on 76 salmon for three days fishing – a remarkable effort and most of them caught in “office hours”. Four of our Belgium friends went up Yovas rapids and had a fantastic day up there, Rodolphe C and Dominique C leading the way with 32 fish between them.'