Written by Arni Baldursson:
Friday, 22 June 2012 17:34
I am just back from Russia , we fished Kola river for 9 days , summer water , summer weather at 16 - 20 on celcius every day. It was so much better fishing than the last two years , still there was lots of people fishing both local Russian fly fishers and foreign fishers. We enjoyed ourselves, there was enough places for us to fish and we caught fish every day, floating lines and small flies did the job.
As usual Kola river only produced big salmon at this time of the year, most of the fish where in 20 - 24 pound class, we caught a few up to 28 pounds and the biggest was 31 pounds .. and as always some huge salmon were lost after an adventurous fight! I heard some news from fellow anglers that the Kharlovka has been doing very well early season, I think Ponoi is doing well as always and I had some friends fishing the second week of June on the Lower Yokanga , they where not doing well for some reason - either fish already gone through or not there yet. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is (You need JavaScript enabled to view it as an anti-spam measure!)