Week Two, 16th to 23rd June, saw rods post good but not outstanding numbers of fish, but superb quality, writes Peter Rippin of Flyfisher Group. In this week we had an average of 10 fish per rod, and 11 fish over 30lbs, one of our best results of specimen fish ever. John H', Michael B', Pablo, Donald and others had fish in the 30's (Michael's largest fish being 36lbs) but none could outdo Andrew T' who seemed to want to land a fish over that magic mark almost every day of the week.....and almost did with 5 salmon landed over 30lbs! With a further 40 fish between 20lbs and 29lbs, it meant that almost 10% of the fish for the week were 30lbs plus, and about 40% of fish landed were 20lbs plus! There are very few other rivers in the world that can boast this quality of fish.