Stefán Páll reports (via Arni Baldursson) that the middle and upper beats of the river Blanda opened on the 20th of June, beats 2 and 3 are generally referred to as the middle beats and beat 4 is also known as Refsa.
On the opening day on beat 4 (Refsa) 2 salmon were caught by anglers that had never been salmon fishing before – they hadn‘t even handled fly rods before that day. But still managed to catch a couple of salmon – well done gentlemen. We know of other anglers that were successful as well – this beat is a real gem.
On beat 3 there were already 2 salmon in the book as well at the end of the first day and the first anglers on beat 2 have also been successful, though it is not clear how many salmon they have caught.
Blanda seems to be off to yet another fantastic season, powerful salmon and plenty of them.