A surprised and delighted trout fisherman fished the River Sog to catch the first Icelandic salmon of the season, a hen fish of 68cm, which took his white Streamer pattern in late May.
It bodes well for the season's start on June 5th.
Flyfisher Group's Peter Rippin said in a new season newsletter for Flyfish Iceland: 'Prospects are looking good for the 2012 season, especially in the south west and west of Iceland where there is more snow than for several years at this time. With warmer weather this past week the melt has commenced but the mountains have a good layer of snowpack which should continue melting well into July and keep the water systems at good levels, unlike many of the past seasons which have seen extraordinarily low water in some rivers.
'Reports are that there is a little less snow in the north and east than in past years and that the warmer weather will hopefully result in a very good opening of the trout fishing in the Upper Big Laxa (Upper Laxa i Adaldal), certainly there has been great trout fishing in the lower river already with fish to 50cm landed mostly on small nymphs.
'The Freshwater Fisheries Institute of Iceland has a very positive outlook on the season ahead and expects good returning runs of migratory fish.'