News from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club:
The fishing on the Gaula has been pretty slow during the last week, and we can say that the whole July so far is a way under our expectation after the good start weeks we had experienced. It seems that the big July runs are somehow missing and this affects the fishing in a negative way. Not many fish are showing in the pools and it is hard to make the salmon take the flies these days. Anyway, fishermen who are fishing hard still have a chance to catch fish, and so did Mawill Lüdenbach from Germany fishing for the fist time our Beats. After he lost several good fish during the week, he finally landed a really nice salmon of 14 kg (31lb), pictured above. The fish took the fly in Beat F (in one of our free for all beats) and was been landed after an extremely exciting fight all the way down in Beat B1. Mawill had to keep the fish and it weighed in with 14kg (31lb) and measured 113cm.