I have a bamboo fly rod..
I really don't know anything about this rod. Or how old it may be. but it looks as if it is never been used. It belong to my late husband Who passed suddenly of a rare genetic cancer. he said before he passed, that it was worth $5000 I really don't know if it is? However, I did take it to bass pro in Springfield Missouri to their fly fishing shop. Although it has no name or marking of who made it...the guy there said it is custom and he also said it was one of the nicest rods he had seen in a long time. He also suggest that I not take any less than $1000 for it. So due to bills I was left with... At the time when I took it in there I was not looking to sell it. But, expenses became more than I can deal with. So now I am looking to sell it. And I need help on knowing what to ask for it...It has four pieces including a aluminum casing...pictures are in my gallery