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    Salmon fishing. The Reisa, Norway. The river of giants opens earlier in 2012

    The Reisa river of northern Norway flows though a great gash in an ancient rock plateau forming a magnificent gorge. It is as if a giant had scraped a great groove in the rock down to the sea. The spectacular upper half of the river can only be reached by fast river boats and is part of the Reisa Valley National Park famed for its wild primeval beauty. What a place to fish!

    Two hours drive north of the Reisa is the famous, historic and exclusive Alta River. If the Alta River is the King then the Reisa is his Queen. They share so many characteristics – size, speed, gorge, mighty salmon – yet they differ in one important one aspect - the Reisa is a day permit water assessable to all! What is more, the day permits are very reasonable and fly fishing fabulous.

    The Reisa in the last decade or so has adopted a refreshing management regime where catch & release is encouraged and is one of the few improving rivers in Norway and the quality and size of salmon that can be caught is unsurpassed. The Reisa is a gem.

    Click the image to open in full size.
    River Manager Jan Johansen playing a 20kg+ salmon on the lower river.

    This year there are extra opportunities to fish it too because the river board is opening the season earlier on June 23rd this year (instead of July 1) and river manager Jan Johansen has notified us to say permits are available from just 320 to 700Kr per day (only £40 to £80!). But take heed - the early running fish can be giants and you have a high chance of hooking (and maybe landing) a 30 to 50lb salmon – make sure your reel and backing is up to it!

    I have fished the Reisa and say this, "If you can go. GO!"

    Skitt Fiske!


    Note: The Reisa river is divided into zones 1 to 19. Zone 1 is the most downstream beat. The upper beats can only be reached by river boat and guiding/boating is essential and needs to be booked separately.

    Contact: Harald Oyen (harald.oyen 'at' who can advise you as well as organise permits and/or accommodation.

    See also: Reisa National Park PDF

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    Indeed, big difference between the Alta and Reisa - you can get on to the Reisa without needing to win the lottery (even if you had the funds, the Alta has a lottery system of allocation of rods!)
    Skitt - as they say - Fiske!!!

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