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The Kharlovka and its sister river the Eastern Litza are two of the world’s most prolific rivers for big Atlantic salmon. Wild and demanding, they provide the biggest challenges along with the biggest silver rewards to be found anywhere. Farlows Travel offers through the Kharlovka Company Ltd the rare opportunity to fish these rivers on a weekly basis from June to early September.

There are some 15 good sized – well defined pools which have become famous over the years. The river is also blessed with what has been called ‘The finest Home Pool in the World’. Nicely situated in the middle of the river only 100m from the Kharlovka lodge – All the river’s monsters will make a temporary stop here.

The Facilities
Over the last few years the Kharlovka Lodge camp has been thoughtfully transformed into a quaint little village. In addition to the fishing guests there are up to 30 staff making sure everything runs like clockwork. All guests are now accommodated in private wooden cabins that are situated in a sheltered birch wood adjacent to the legendary Kharlovka Home Pool. All the cabins are fitted out with full en-suite facilities including warm heaters, personal drying closets, and 220V European two pin plug power points. The cabins are interconnected with the main lodge by an intricate network of walkways that preserve the fragile tundra below. A maximum of 7 beats or 14 guests (not including a shared rod in special circumstances) will stay a week on the Kharlovka camp.

The food is of the highest standard and the streamside lunches including the hot Russian soups are a welcome daily treat. All wines and alcoholic drink are inclusive, as is the laundry service in which everything miraculously returns pressed and folded back on your made bed the next day.

Guests normally make their own arrangements to arrive at Helsinki Airport on or before the Friday of each week and for their home departure on Saturday. They organise a charter flight from Helsinki to Murmansk (optional – extra cost) and then helicopter transfers (included) from Murmansk to the camps.

Availability and prices
The ASR fly fishing programmes is highly sort after and most years are full with repeat guests enjoying their usual week. However, very occasionally vacancies do arise – often at the last minute. They offer these by giving ‘first refusal’ to their regular clients and then those on their waiting list. If you would like to receive these invitations and/or their regular e-newsletter please register your interest and they shall keep you informed of opportunities.

Enquiries and Bookings
If you would like to know more or to book, please contact Justin McCarthy, Director of Fishing on +44 746 029 21 70.
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