Rio Gallegos Sea Trout – the Monsters of Patagonia!

Manufacturer: Patagonia Austral Fly Fishing

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The Gallegos river is located just 27 km from the capital city of Santa Cruz province of Patagonia, Argentina. With two hundred kilometres of length, it offers both challenging and technical sea trout fishing with high rewards of some of the strongest and biggest sea trout in the world.

This is normally ‘jet-set’ fishing but young resident fly fishing ‘nut’ and tourism expert, Juan Manuel Biott is set to change all that through his new company called, Patagonia Austral Fly Fishing. Juan has lived in the area all his life and has guided professionally for several years and knows the area and where the fish are extremely well! Only small groups of up to 3 persons are catered for keeping personal service high but prices remarkably low.

This dream fishing trip comprises:

Gallegos Sea Trout
1. Base program: 4 days/3 nights (closer beats)
2. Full program: 6 days/5 nights (possibility to fish all the beats)

Both programs includes:
• Meals during the day.
• Transfers to the fishing places .
• Drinks (water, beer, wine, etc.).

Not included on the price:
• Flights.
• Hotel accommodation.
• Fishing license.
• High quality drinks.
• Not mentioned transfers.
• Flies (you can get a pattern selection of the guide).

From 4,800 to 7,600 Argentinean Pesos (ARS) per person for the trip – (Exchange rate around (variable) 7.7 ARS to 1 GBP), i.e £650 to £990 !
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