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The river Reisa of northern Norway is a spectacular big salmon river which cuts a dramatic gorge for much of its length. Like its famous neighbour, the Alta, the quality of its salmon is quite remarkable with many salmon being caught in the 30 – 50lb bracket each year. This river is coming back to greatness after years of over-exploitation and is now a firm favourite with those that are “in the know” – as Scott Mackenzie found out when he stayed at our recommended accommodation: Reisastua Lodge!

Where we stay:
Reisastua Lodge holds a unique position close to the riverbank, almost half way up the Reisa River. The owner, Roar, is an unrivalled host who treats his guests royally. A stay here and fishing the Reisa River gives anyone the opportunity for a record-breaking fishing experience. The stay is in single rooms with fine dining and complimentary wines. A guide is provided per two anglers with river boats and experienced boatmen used where necessary (The upper half of the river is only accessible by river boat).

Fishing the Reisa:
The river Reisa is a medium-sized river by Norway standards and easier to fish than many – with good access and easy wading. Reisastua Lodge offers a rare opportunity to fish a river that combines the best qualities and features of the Alta, Orkla, Stjørdal and other Norwegian rivers. The lower parts offer superb fishing with inviting 150-200 metre pools and good wading conditions – the place for classic fly fishing. The upper part, with the spectacular scenic canyon and cascading waterfalls, offers a different ‘stop and try this pool’ approach; river guides beach their long, sleek riverboats before recommending their chosen hot-spot. The river normally runs crystal clear with a beautiful hint of greenish-blue and is fantastic fly water. Gorgeous!
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