Salmon Fishing on Målselv River Norway staying at Rundhaug Hotel

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Rundhaug Gjestegård holds a unique position close to the river, some 10 kilometres above the famous Målselv Falls (voted Norway’s national falls), with its magnificent pool described by the famous hotelier Charles Ritz as a salmon aquarium. Rundhaug Gjestegård, a family run hotel, built in 1905 and newly delicately refurbished in the old traditional style, is with its warm atmosphere and friendly service, is a prominent base to fish such a classic salmon river.

Matriarch Reidun resides as a supreme host who treats her guests royally, as often have happened in real life too. They offer packages for early, middle and late season fishing on different parts of the river, allowing keen anglers to enjoy the different conditions of lower, middle and upper stretches fishing with its opportunities and challenges.

Rundhaug Gjestegård has a high reputation for matching high standard accommodation and service with unrivalled fishing; Classic fly-fishing stretches of the middle and upper river.
The early season fishing normally starts around 15 June and it is a smart move to meet the fresh from the sea early fish while harling the lower parts or on the approximately one kilometre stretch between the tail end of the Målselv Fall’s Pool to the confluence of the Bardu River tributary.

The main fishing on the upper river’s primetime weeks is from around 10 July when salmon have acclimatised in the fall’s Pool and started their final run. Rundhaug offers a number of excellent private beats on the middle/upper river which enable 2 – 4 rods exclusivity on each beat. Each beat and rods will have an expert local guide for the day and beats will be fished in rotation during the day/week

The fishing on offer should enable most anglers with differing needs and pockets to experience the virtues of this classic river. Whichever arrangement – a stay at Rundhaug and fishing Målselv River gives anyone the opportunity for a record-breaking fishing experience and a very pleasant stay.

The river and the fishing
Målselv River can be classed as a medium to large size river (dependent on which part you fish) with its best classic pools and stretches providing quite superb fly water on the middle/upper parts of the river. The falls and its pool (leased to a Norwegian billionaire), form a natural boundary between the seemingly less attractive (don’t get fooled) and somewhat featureless lower river and the much more exciting waters of classic flyfishing on the middle/upper river. The salmon numbers on the upper river is helped by the salmon ladder that was built in 1909/10 and runs parallel to the falls/rapids in approx. 600 metres length.

Over the last five seasons the total catches on the Målselv River have been between 1,780- 2,790 salmon with an average weight varying between 3.80 kilo and 5.20 kilo. Each season a good number of salmon in the 15 – 18 kilos (30-40 pounds) category are being caught.

The riperian owners have over the last decade been praised for their management work enabling the river to produce high quantities of parr/smolt in combination with lease buy-outs of bag-nets in the region’s fjords which have helped to maintain strong returning runs of fresh salmon each season.

The Rundhaug Gjestegård’s fishing package:
The fishing is available from 15 June till 31 August 2014 on a first-come, first-served basis. This includes

• 7 days full board accommodation in single room at Rundhaug Gjestegård;
• 6 days guided fishing on lower, middle or upper river (related to time periods);
• Mandatory Government salmon fishing license;
• Pick-up and return to nearest airport – Bardufoss. If flying to Tromso Airport, a fee will be added dependent on number of guests,
• Disinfections of gear and equipment;
• Norwegian taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Rundhaug Gjestegård is 15 minutes’ drive from Bardufoss Airport and ca 2 hours’ drive from Tromsø Airport. There are daily flights to Bardufoss and Tromsø from most EU and UK airports via Oslo Airport and the most convenient flights can be booked on or has also direct flights from London Gatwick to Tromsø several days a week.

Flights are not included in the Rundhaug Gjestegård’s prices.

Guests at Rundhaug Gjestegård will be met at and returned to the airport at Bardufoss (included in the price). Change-over day is Sunday. Individuals or groups that prefer flying to Tromsø Airport can be picked up and returned for an extra fee. Hire car is of course available at both airports.
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