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  1. The best looking juveniles ever seen in North America? NASF



    The best looking juveniles ever seen in North America?

    The first salmon parr reared in the USA by using...
  2. Fishing the Ekaluk river for Arctic Char

    Arctic Dreams - Full Length Version | Joseph Daniel

    This is a loing video but if you are interested in huge Arctic Char well worth a look!
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    Re: Fish on the fly in Fowey

    Hi Borderman

    I would contact Austen Goldsmith at UK Saltwater Fly Fishing - UKSALTWATERFLIES.COM He is a guide in Cornwall and will be able to advise/help you.

    For general info take a look at...
  4. Nymph Fishing for Salmon on River Test

    I have just had my first outing nymph fishing for salmon on the River Test and found it very challenging and frustrating!

    For anyone considering trying this method the following post from our...
  5. Re: Hunt River and Lewis River Labrador

    This is a photo of the spectacular Hunt River Lodge

  6. Re: Hunt River and Lewis River Labrador


    Now Tuesday afternoon and had 5 fishing sessions. All fishing is with floating lines, bombers, hiitched flies or skated wet such as Blue Charm.

    I am using a 11'6" Hardy Swift 7 weight...
  7. Re: Hunt River and Lewis River Labrador

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    Welcome Steve1 THis is a relatively new forum...

    Welcome Steve1

    THis is a relatively new forum but is growing strongly so keep looking in and posting!

    Our larger general fly fishing forum is at Fly Fishing Forums. Fly fishing news, chat,...
  9. Arrived at Goosebay, Labrador and waiting for...

    Arrived at Goosebay, Labrador and waiting for float plane to take us up to the Hunt River to fish for Atlantic Salmon with bombers and small skated flies.

    River is full of salmon and I am hearing...
  10. Great to see these river doing well. I have...

    Great to see these river doing well. I have fished the Sela the NASF model river (improved dramatically since nets closed) and also the Flotjaa an exceptional little river.

    The Flotjaaa must be...
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    Difficult to say without photos and condition...

    Difficult to say without photos and condition etc.

    Perhaps £60?


  12. Hunt River and Lewis River Labrador

    I am looking forward to my trip to these rivers on 13th July. Awesome fishing with atlantic salmon on bombers. Will put report up when return.

    Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company: Home

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    NASF Campaign

    The NASF Campaign to restore salmon stocks is winning! Nothing beats common sense, the right priorities and ABUNDANCE as the target. Ending mixed-stock netting has always been our priority.
  14. Salmon fishing. The Reisa, Norway. The river of giants opens earlier in 2012

    The Reisa river of northern Norway flows though a great gash in an ancient rock plateau forming a magnificent gorge. It is as if a giant had scraped a great groove in the rock down to the sea. The...
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    Russia salmon fishing on a budget!

    A new camp for salmon fishing has opened up Kola Peninsula salmon fishing to the normal budget. And it’s just 3-4 hours by car from Murmansk too!

    The camp is situated on the Belousikha River and...
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    Sticky: iBookfishing software

    If you want to sell more tickets, increase customer satisfaction, reduce administration costs and streamline your financial management then iBookfishing from MacNab Media is ideal!

    It is an...
  17. Report from Solid Adventures from Las Buitreras

    Las Buitreras Report Week XIII, March 24. – April 02.2012

    Fieldreport Week XIII
    by Stephan Gian Dombaj

    French Canadian Russian Split Week Group

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the season here in...
  18. Thread: New B

    by Richard Hewitt

    Welcome cloudfinder We are just relaunching...

    Welcome cloudfinder

    We are just relaunching this site and hope to see it grow substantially over the next few months.

    Now you are a member you can use the same login for our very busy general...
  19. Demand for Scottish Government to curb coastal salmon netting

    “Scotland is the only country in the northern hemisphere where coastal salmon netting is actually increasing in intensity.”

    The Salmon and Trout Association Scotland (S&TA Scotland) is urging the...
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    Hi exradioham Difficult to value but agree...

    Hi exradioham

    Difficult to value but agree this sounds like a spinning rod with the large guides and 10gram weighting. Good make etc.

    Any chance of a photo to look at? If its brand new do you...
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