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    When Photographs Tell the Story

    From time to time special photographs can bring a river experience to life, and for some of us the image above succeeds. The water rippling, the sun glinting off the salmon, the beauty of the scale...
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    Continued Signs of Better Runs

    An ATV accident in Newfoundland involving salmon anglers headed for a favourite stream happened far from areas of cell coverage, and a satellite phone saved the day. We would like to hear any stories...
  3. An Overview of European Salmon Rivers in 2015

    Note for Anglers in New Brunswick: DFO has again closed many deep pools on the Miramichi due to high temperatures and the need for enhanced conservation measures. For a full list of closures...
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    ASF RIVERNOTES Reaches 100th Blog Post

    ASF RIVERNOTES has reached its 100th blog post since*coming into the internet world*in 2011. In that time it has provided readers a holistic overview of the situation on the rivers and the return of...
  5. Magic in an Old Growth Newfoundland Forest

    There was a time when many diverse interests came together to preserve the Main River and its Old Growth Forest in Newfoundland. This is a magical watershed that is short on roads and big on walking...
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    Saving the Miramichi

    This week’s ASF Rivernotes draws attention to an increasing number of reports of poaching on the Miramichi. It also highlights the wonderful stories that take place on our salmon rivers; stories that...
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    Miramichi Dodges the Heat

    There is some great news on the Miramichi. The river has largely dodged the truly hot weather and DFO reacted quickly to reopen most of the cold water pools in the various branches of the watershed....
  8. Optimism on Miramichi, Concern in Newfoundland

    New Brunswick The Miramichi On Wednesday, while looking upstream at Salmon Brook Camp, through the fine drizzle and cooler temperatures, it was easy to see why optimism is prevailing at this point in...
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    Summer Heat Slows Activity

    Overview of Quebec Angling in 2015 This year and last there has been a strong response to the kill figures showing for some Quebec rivers. Charles Cusson, ASF Director of Quebec Programs, discusses...
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    Continuing Good News on the Penobscot

    In North America the Penobscot River salmon are among the earliest to return to their native river. Thus it is exciting to see the numbers continuing to climb, with 560 counted at Milford Dam...
  11. Tantalizing Numbers for Returns in Most Regions

    Late June is still too early to gain any solid hints on how returns are going to be in 2015. Still, there are signs that both large salmon and grilse are doing better than last year, which is a...
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    Encouraging Penobscot Salmon Returns

    There is a cautious optimism on the Penobscot River returns in 2015. When the new Milford Dam Fish Lift went into operation at the beginning of the 2014 season, there were high hopes for good returns...
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    Live Release is the “in” word of the year. Due to a need to preserve the runs, it is in 2015 the rule along all the open salmon rivers in New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia. This provides extra...
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    Atlantic Salmon In A Living Context

    Atlantic salmon rivers are a complex interacting living ecoystems. As spring is unfolding, Atlantic salmon smolts hormone changes are already altering both the look and the physiology of the fish,...
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    A River for All Seasons

    Every river needs to be celebrated. Like magic carpets, rivers flow from highlands to the sea and we are fascinated by them our entire lives. Rivers with runs of Atlantic salmon take that magic to a...
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    As Winter Ebbs on Atlantic Salmon Rivers

    With warmer temperatures, one’s thinking turns to Atlantic salmon and wild salmon rivers. This year the big news is the requirement to live release ALL salmon in those salmon rivers open in New...
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    ASF had 90 entries for the Live Release “In the Water” Photo Contest. After deliberations the WINNER of the 2014 ASF Live Release Photo Contest has been chosen and this was a VERY difficult decision...
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    Binocular Thoughts

    We have a Special Report on Binoculars for the Rivers at the end of this week’s ASF RIVERNOTES. Don’t Miss it! Also, remember that the deadline for your submissions to the “Salmon in the Water” Live...
  19. Atlantic Salmon Anglers, Happiness and Beauty

    Atlantic Salmon anglers don’t see the world as others do. They* have an altered sense of happiness and sense of beauty that is different from others. They dream of quiet or roaring rivers, and...
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    A Fall Run on the Southwest Miramichi

    It is time to sharpen the pencils, dig out a stray notebook from under the clutter of your desk, plus perhaps open Excel on your computer, and crunch some numbers. New Brunswick Southwest Miramichi...
  21. Something Mystical about Salmon in the Fall

    There is something mystical about Atlantic salmon in the fall season. Quiet, crisp mornings with trees turning red and orange, and then a swirl breaks the surface of a pool. Or perhaps it is a cool...
  22. The Angler with a Broken Rib, and Other Stories from Salmon Rivers

    Lewis Hinks, ASF’s Director of Nova Scotia Programs, is devoted to Atlantic salmon rivers, to the heritage of angling, and to the enjoyment of time on rivers, whenever he can get it. He also is...
  23. Will the Referendum in Scotland Affect Atlantic Salmon?

    Scotland, one of the great lands of salmon rivers, is holding a referendum on independence today. With a focus on wild salmon, the question naturally arises as to whether a decision of “YES” or of...
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    Early Autumn Reflections

    Everyone knows that Atlantic salmon runs “aren’t over until they are over” and some rivers, including the Miramichi, have had significant fall returns in some years. Nevertheless, the crisp, cooler...
  25. Saving Atlantic Salmon Rivers, Many Projects at a Time

    On Aug. 27 Lewis Hinks,* ASF’s Director of Nova Scotia Programs, watched heavy equipment rearranging boulders in the Cheticamp River in order to narrow the channel and improve passage for wild...
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