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  1. As Winter Ebbs on Atlantic Salmon Rivers

    With warmer temperatures, one’s thinking turns to Atlantic salmon and wild salmon rivers. This year the big news is the requirement to live release ALL salmon in those salmon rivers open in New...
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    ASF had 90 entries for the Live Release “In the Water” Photo Contest. After deliberations the WINNER of the 2014 ASF Live Release Photo Contest has been chosen and this was a VERY difficult decision...
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    Binocular Thoughts

    We have a Special Report on Binoculars for the Rivers at the end of this week’s ASF RIVERNOTES. Don’t Miss it! Also, remember that the deadline for your submissions to the “Salmon in the Water” Live...
  4. Atlantic Salmon Anglers, Happiness and Beauty

    Atlantic Salmon anglers don’t see the world as others do. They* have an altered sense of happiness and sense of beauty that is different from others. They dream of quiet or roaring rivers, and...
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    A Fall Run on the Southwest Miramichi

    It is time to sharpen the pencils, dig out a stray notebook from under the clutter of your desk, plus perhaps open Excel on your computer, and crunch some numbers. New Brunswick Southwest Miramichi...
  6. Something Mystical about Salmon in the Fall

    There is something mystical about Atlantic salmon in the fall season. Quiet, crisp mornings with trees turning red and orange, and then a swirl breaks the surface of a pool. Or perhaps it is a cool...
  7. The Angler with a Broken Rib, and Other Stories from Salmon Rivers

    Lewis Hinks, ASF’s Director of Nova Scotia Programs, is devoted to Atlantic salmon rivers, to the heritage of angling, and to the enjoyment of time on rivers, whenever he can get it. He also is...
  8. Will the Referendum in Scotland Affect Atlantic Salmon?

    Scotland, one of the great lands of salmon rivers, is holding a referendum on independence today. With a focus on wild salmon, the question naturally arises as to whether a decision of “YES” or of...
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    Early Autumn Reflections

    Everyone knows that Atlantic salmon runs “aren’t over until they are over” and some rivers, including the Miramichi, have had significant fall returns in some years. Nevertheless, the crisp, cooler...
  10. Saving Atlantic Salmon Rivers, Many Projects at a Time

    On Aug. 27 Lewis Hinks,* ASF’s Director of Nova Scotia Programs, watched heavy equipment rearranging boulders in the Cheticamp River in order to narrow the channel and improve passage for wild...
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    Summer into the Home Stretch

    With August winding down towards Labour Day, it certainly looks increasingly as if, overall, Atlantic salmon are lower, indicating they had a difficult winter at sea. But then, so many other things...
  12. Thread: Perfect Moments

    by Editor

    Perfect Moments

    Rivers with Atlantic salmon provide many perfect moments. Each is complex – a mixture of environmental conditions. Such a moment* may include the focus on the fish, perhaps the roar of rapids* or...
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    A European Atlantic Salmon Overview

    For North American readers of this blog the question usually arises in mid-summer of how well, or how poorly, the runs are doing in European waters. In rivers from Galicia in Spain to the Ponoi and...
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    Live Release Can Help Save the Day

    Now is a time for live release. Overall, this year there is continuing evidence for concern about numbers, especially in Quebec and New Brunswick. It can make the difference between a poor spawning...
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    Large Salmon and Small Grilse

    Yesterday the FQSA (Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique) called on the provincial government to apply mandatory live release for all large salmon, as a precautionary approach with the...
  16. A Thoughtful Approach to Assessing the Season

    This past week David Meerburg, with decades of experience in assessing Atlantic salmon populations and crunching numbers for statistical significance, had an initial look at the state of the salmon,...
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    Arthur packs a punch on salmon rivers

    Tropical Storm Arthur battered the Maritimes over the weekend, knocking out power to camps, and raising rivers to near spring-like levels.* Water temperatures also plummeted which came as a welcome...
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    Temperatures Hit Summer Levels

    In just a few weeks we have gone from ice cakes on the river banks to high summer water temperatures in some places. As everyone is aware, the combination of warmer temperatures and the decreased...
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    ASF’s Director of Quebec Programs Charles Cusson saw it clearly as he travelled around the Gaspé a few days ago – the angling is picking up. Perhaps it really was the colder water keeping the...
  20. Tantalizing Returns to Rivers Here and There

    We have a request – if you like ASF Rivernotes, please share it with friends and encourage them to sign up for ASF’s Webworks to receive it when published. Also, if you have live release photos with...
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    Reimagining Didymo in Salmon Rivers

    Most Atlantic salmon anglers have come across the name of this alga, Didymosphenia geminata, alias Didymo, alias Rock Snot. It brings vividly to mind great mats of brown furry stuff, the ends of...
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    Time to Reconnect with the River

    Almost without seeing the change, a cold, wet and icy late spring has changed into early summer. We are now past the opening date in many jurisdictions. Trees are leafing out, water temperatures are...
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    Warming Things Up

    If you go fishing on the Miramichi the dangers of ice have somewhat receded, but conditions, as one correspondent said yesterday, are still “pretty miserable, mostly cold”. Over the weekend the news...
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    Spring IS coming, along with the usual flooding here and there, ice jams in some places, and increasing interest from many anglers on what the conditions are like along the rivers. To put it mildly,...
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    Today is April 15, 2014, which means it is the beginning of the Black Salmon season in New Brunswick, but this is the tail end of the hardest winter in a generation. More about this in the New...
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