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  1. Re: Caption Competition sponsored by

    Man "Got a Light Mac?"
    Bear "No i've got a dark brown fur coat!"
  2. Re: Hill Lochs in Scotland, help needed with a destination please!

    The Outer Hebridies are a great place to explore, Lewis and Harris offer salmon sea trout and plenty of brownies to be had in season. Uist is more renowned for its larger brown trout. I spend my...
  3. Re: Questions about places and fees around Birmingham from a newbee

    Blithfield resevoir is a good call, £20 for a day ticket or £40 with a boat, large expanse of water some big rainbows and some monster pike. Fly fishing only and dont worry too much about the boat as...
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    Re: Trout fishing New Zealand

    Would be too late now as I am sure you have already been. Where did you go and how did you get on?
    I am currently living in Fiordland (south of the south island and having some amazing fishing!! ...
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