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  1. Atlantic Salmon Reserve Update: 1
  2. Decisive Action on Sea Lice Called For
  3. Police and Fisheries Bodies Condemn Major Fish Kill
  4. A Sea Lice Breakthrough?
  5. A Milestone Breakthrough in Salmon Farming?
  6. State of North American Salmon Populations 2014
  7. Migrating Salmon Face a Triple Challenge
  8. Time to Reconnect with the River
  9. Hotshot Steelhead
  10. Salmon in the Classroom
  11. Yorkshire Salmon to Return to the Derwent
  12. Summer Sea Trout Fishing
  13. Prime Tweed Autumn Salmon Fishing Goes Under the Hammer
  14. Saving Wild Salmon
  15. ‘Bag’ a Salmon to Help NASF
  16. Has the Salmon Farming Industry Improved?
  17. Warming Things Up
  18. CLA Game Fair Reinstates Arthur Oglesby Award
  19. Record Year for River Wear Salmon
  20. Scottish Government Presiding Over “Unrestricted Wholesale Slaughter”
  21. Looking Over Ones Shoulder and At the Ice Underfoot
  22. Sportfish - Grab a Catalogue and a Great Discount
  23. Angling Rights Sacrified 'for the greater good' on Prime UK Salmon Beat
  24. Atlantic Salmon Season With Winter Hanging On
  25. Kiss the Water - You've seen the Film, Now WIN the DVD!
  26. Controversial Salmon Farms 'Must Close'
  27. Usan - No Salmon Netting on Ythan
  28. Anger as Fisheries Firm Nets Salmon River Rights
  29. Man city vs man united live stream online
  30. Hatcheries ‘May Damage Salmon Populations’
  31. Rare ‘White’ Marlin Caught
  32. Bad News for Wild Stocks as a Scottish Fish Farm loses 155,000 Salmon
  33. Charity Salmon Days
  34. River Tweed Angling Code
  35. Sea Lice Numbers Out of Control
  36. Wild Salmon Starving at Sea?
  37. Commercial Exploitation of Wild Salmon - A Joint Statement from Iceland and Faroe Islands
  38. Scottish Salmon Season - Sir Ian Botham Toasts the new Season
  39. Anglers Fear for Future of River Caldew Salmon
  40. Tributaries Fly Fishing Film on Release
  41. Chris Sandford Joins Game Fisher’s Diary
  42. The Opening of the Scottish Salmon Season
  43. Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction 2014
  44. Salmond Fishing on the Tay
  45. Calls for no Scottish Salmon to be Killed Before May are 'Perverse'
  46. Kiss the Water
  47. Sea Trout Fishing Courses on the Famous Abercothi Beats of the River Towy
  48. Net Yourself a Christmas Salmon
  49. Los Roques – Bonefish Paradise
  50. Mahseer Trust Competition - Win a Fishing Trip to India
  51. Game Fisher’s Diary on Discovery SHED
  52. Iceland’s Monster Wild Brown Trout – Lake Thingvallavatn
  53. Simms – New Global Sales VP Appointed
  54. Jeremy Wade Video Interview
  55. Sportfish Courses 2014 - Spring Tyne Salmon
  56. Escaped Norwegian Salmon Have a ‘Bounty’ on Their Heads
  57. A Natural Solution for the Control of Lice in Farmed Salmon?
  58. Conservationist Honoured for Restoration of Maine's Penobscot River
  59. Patagonia Austral Fly Fishing
  60. Farlows Casts a Line for the Future
  61. The Personal Side of Salmon Rivers
  62. Big Mako Shark on the Fly
  63. Season Coming to an End in Nova Scotia
  64. 50lb Tweed Salmon Landed...and Returned
  65. Salmon Horror Show - RAFTS Urged to Protect Wild Fish
  66. Interbreeding Between Farmed and Wild Norwegian Salmon Quantified
  67. Tierra del Fuego... Sea Trout Nirvana - But So Much More
  68. Our Own Festival of Salmon Movie Shorts
  69. ASF's 31st Annual New York Gala Dinner and Auction
  70. When Autumn Changes the Perspective
  71. NASF 2013 Fishing Auction
  72. The Seychelles Fisheries Open
  73. Fly Fishing Movie to Benefit Conservation Projects
  74. Tagging Advances Knowledge of Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon
  75. Escaped Farmed Salmon Found in Large Numbers in New Brunswick Rivers
  76. Waiting for the Big Event
  77. Reel Britannia...
  78. Welsh Dee Salmon Conservation Fund
  79. Job Vacancy - CEO of Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS)
  80. Maldives - where 50lb is not enough.....
  81. Big Game Fishing in the Land of the Red Dragon
  82. Canadian Government Must Answer on Fish Farms
  83. Eden Rivers Trust Auction
  84. Every Salmon River a Universe
  85. The Maldives: Where 50lb Line is Not Enough
  86. River Dee Trust Auction Autumn 2013
  87. Sea Trout ‘may offer better sport than salmon’
  88. Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout Angling Stats Released
  89. Severn Barrage 'Dead in the Water'
  90. Aardvark McLeod Saltwater Open Day at Sportfish Reading
  91. Aardvark McLeod Saltwater Open Day at Sportfish Reading
  92. Farlows - New Managing Director
  93. Recreational Angling and Conservation Survey
  94. A Great Friend to Atlantic Salmon is Lost
  95. ASF Salmometer and Live Release
  96. The Arctic Experience
  97. Sea Lice ‘Out of Control’ in Many Scottish Regions
  98. Opposition Grows to Massive Galway Bay Salmon Farm
  99. FWC Votes to Pass the Boca Grande Pass Jig Ban
  100. Rains of September
  101. The Irish Fly Fair 2013
  102. European Anglers Call for Tighter Controls on Salmon Farms
  103. RAFTS Resignation
  104. Atlantic Salmon Conservation: Experts Share ‘What Works and What Doesn't’
  105. Cameras Underwater and On High
  106. Florida Tarpon and Bonefish Become Catch-and-release Only From 01 Sept.
  107. Fulling Mill – Career Opportunity
  108. Giant Norwegian Halibut Landed
  109. Salmon Spawn in Petitcodiac
  110. Resetting the Button on Personal Perspective
  111. Columbia River Anglers Fishing Buoy 10 Must Release Wild Chinook
  112. Chest Wader Safety
  113. Climate and Capelin Explain Salmon Declines
  114. An Extra Thought for Safety in Chest Waders
  115. Iceland, A Return to Northern Latitudes
  116. Bumper August Returns of Atlantic Salmon?
  117. Disaster Looming for Irish Salmon
  118. Proposed Rainbow Trout Farm will Threaten Argyll’s Premier Salmon River
  119. Are We In For a Superior August Atlantic Salmon Season?
  120. general question
  121. Montana Trip Recommendations
  122. Salmon Catch and Release Issues
  123. Just How Smart are Atlantic Salmon?
  124. The Smarter Atlantic Salmon
  125. 42lb Trout is a New World Record
  126. The Bermuda Triple Crown Championship 2013
  127. Atlantic Salmon Federation News and River Reports
  128. Good News, and Not So Good News
  129. Giant 58lb Salmon Falls for a NASF Director´s Fly
  130. An Avon Salmon on the Fly
  131. Vending Machine
  132. Glorious Salmon Runs in Iceland
  133. Russia – Another Salmon Fishing Tragedy
  134. Tarpon Research Boost
  135. Two Britons Killed on Russian Salmon Fishing Trip
  136. Breaching the Veazey Dam
  137. Hot Rivers and Closures
  138. The Fulling Mill Success Story Continues...
  139. Footage of the First Marlin Ever Landed on a Fly Rod
  140. Seven Nights on the Alta by Jan Ekman
  141. 15.000 salmon caught by one guy
  142. Looking for Salmon Bites
  143. Production Companies Boston
  144. Acupuncture for Infertility
  145. Acne home remedies
  146. Lake tahoe wedding
  147. Possible World Record Tarpon Released in Florida
  148. Wild Sea Trout Being Eaten Alive as Sea Lice Thrive
  149. Atlantic Salmon in River Midfjardará. Status of Populations and Prospects for 2013.
  150. Making Sense of the Latest Salmon Count Numbers
  151. Pure Fishing buys Hardy & Greys Ltd
  152. Iconic London Fishing Store Opens in St Petersburg
  153. Rigs To Reefs Good News for Anglers
  154. Good News for an Angling River in Quebec
  155. Marine Scotland Science ignoring their own evidence
  156. First Salmon Reports from Canada
  157. A Personal Live Release Check List
  158. Big Salmon Dominate at Kharlovka
  159. Atlantic Salmon Record Season on Ponoi
  160. Fishing for film gold
  161. Florida Votes To Release Tarpon and Bonefish
  162. Sage Announces New Fly Fishing Collection
  163. Exciting times in Gasp, and Cool Temperatures Throughout the Region
  164. Chemical pollution of the sea-bed continues unabated under salmon farms
  165. International Salmon Treaty Fails Yet Again!
  166. Controversy Circles Around Record Mako Shark
  167. Concerns Raised About Greenland Harvest of Wild Atlantic Salmon
  168. Ireland hosts major international Conference of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation
  169. State of the Atlantic salmon 2013 - and Rivernotes Update - June 5
  170. Great article about the Ponoi River
  171. What is Happening in 2013 and What Happened in 2012
  172. Boca Grande Tarpon Tournament Makes a Splash
  173. Salmon Begin Returning to Rivers
  174. Bumper Salmon Season on the Tay
  175. Boost For More Transparency on Sea Lice Levels
  176. Record German Salmon Captured
  177. Rolling on the River Research Style
  178. The Best of UK Fly Fishing
  179. Abel Reels Supports Casting for Recovery with Signature Fly Reel
  180. Miramichi Sees Early Action
  181. British And French Scientists Unite To Save Atlantic Salmon
  182. Orvis to Acquire the Scientific Anglers and Ross Reels Businesses from 3M
  183. Africa Beckons As A Family Fishing/Safari Destination
  184. Hardy & Greys Announce Special Experience Day
  185. Father and Son Ghillies Both Net 30lb Salmon on Same Day
  186. New Video Shows Best Live Release Practice for Salmon
  187. A New Live Release Video for Wild Atlantic Salmon
  188. Film Project To Follow WWII Veteran Back to France Fly Fishing
  189. Survey: Sharks and Recreational Anglers
  190. IGFA Backs Call to Remove Longlines from Gulf of Mexico
  191. Atlantic Salmon Journal Nominated for Three Journalism Awards
  192. Obituary: Mike Fitzgerald founder of Frontiers International 1938-2013
  193. Jose Wejebe 'Spanish Fly' Memorial Foundation
  194. Fieldsports - Fly Fishing Edition
  195. Is New Zealand's Freshwater Fishing Under Threat?
  196. The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Kicks off Tarpon Season
  197. Simms Fishing Site Gets A New Look
  198. Brit Catches Giant Grander Blue Marlin
  199. Amazon-Angler.com's Steve Townson Catches Huge Arapaima In Guyana
  200. Atlantic Salmon Consultations on Species at Risk
  201. NASF - Learn from Salmon to Help Mackerel
  202. Bad News for Reef Fish
  203. Alphonse Island GTs - Big fish, floppy rods and a bulging bucket list
  204. Do The Continental With Game Fisher’s Diary
  205. Do The Continental With Game Fisher's Diary
  206. No salmon farms at sea petition
  207. Scottish Government About Face on Esk Salmon Netting
  208. ISA Disease Fiasco Takes On International Proportions - and Places Wild Salmon at Ris
  209. River Dee 2013 salmon season marks 150 years of the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board
  210. Seeing Red - The Bull Reds of Fall and Winter in the Louisiana Salt Marsh
  211. Against All Odds
  212. Atlantic Salmon Trust 2013 Auction
  213. Norway's Rich Salmon History
  214. Abel Acquired By The Mayfly Group
  215. UK Launch of Reisa 20/40 Club
  216. 94 Irish Rivers Open for Salmon Angling in 2013
  217. All American Backcountry Tournament Donates to BTT
  218. Scottish Land-based Aquaculture Site Planned
  219. St Brandon's Early Season Feedback.
  220. Giant Yellowfin Tuna shatters world record
  221. Amazing Jurassic Lake Fishing
  222. Minister Launches Salmon Conservation Fund Contributors Scheme 2012-13
  223. Avalon Launches New Cuban Destination
  224. Research To Show How Oil Spills Harm Ocean Fish
  225. November News from the Bahamas
  226. Alphonse Island Report 17-24 Nov
  227. An Appeal From Orri Vigfusson - North Atlantic Salmon Fund - Your Help is Needed
  228. Farquhar Atoll - Fly Fishing Paradise
  229. Boost for Wye and Usk Salmon Catches
  230. Salmon Farming Comes Ashore in Canada
  231. Passing the Salmon Conservation Torch
  232. South American Fly Fishing Season
  233. Ponoi River Fishing Museum Completed
  234. Fishing Days at Farlow's and Sportfish
  235. Devastating impact on Wild Salmon populations from Sea Lice
  236. DNA testing helps protect wild salmon from illegal fishing
  237. American Samoa Introduces New Regulations to Protect Sharks and 3 Types of Fish
  238. Nova Scotia Salmon Farm Development Proposal Withdrawn
  239. Lakselva - Big Fish River of the Moment
  240. Alphonse Celebrates a New Record
  241. New Sealice Rules Proposed for New Brunwsick
  242. Alarm bells ring on the Namsen as farmed fish interbreed
  243. Farquhar Report 13 - 20 Oct 2012
  244. Giant Snakeheads on the Fly
  245. Security Council accepts the Salmon Challenge
  246. Fly Fishing Photographers - Matt Harris
  247. Cast from the Past - Farlow's Magazine
  248. Norwegians raise record amount to save wild salmon at sea
  249. Farlows to host talk on Salmon Fishing in Norway Nov 1st
  250. Atlantic Salmon Trust Highlight Three Key Salmon Survival Issues