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  1. Fly Fishing in Europe - Slovenia: The Marble Trout Religion
  2. Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland
  3. A Clear Winner in Sussex - Chalk Springs Trout Fishery
  4. Hardy & Greys introduce Fly Fishing Team England 2011
  5. A Passion for Tarpon raises $18k for Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
  6. Fly Fishing in Europe - Perch and Fly is Worth a Try!
  7. Pike on the Fly - FishingMagic editor Ian Welch visits Chew
  8. New FishActive.com Website Launched for UK, New Faces and a New Name!
  9. Fly Fishing in Europe - Winter Grayling Sport
  10. A Dream Come True - Fly Fishing for Bonefish in Cozumel
  11. Fishing at Bintree Mill on the Wensum
  12. Speed, Muscle and Teeth - Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks
  13. NASF Norway to Support Salmon Activist on Trial in Canada
  14. River Dee Fundraising Auction Catalogue
  15. New Salmon Books Arrive in the UK
  16. Fly Fishing in Europe - Zander; The King of Deep Waters
  17. Norway Hosts Annual Auction for North Atlantic Salmon Fund
  18. River Eden - Wild Trout Weekender
  19. New initiative begins to remove mink in north Scotland
  20. England Ladies Win Gold Hands Down in Fly Fishing Home International
  21. Fishing on the Frontier – Part 37: Leader to Hand
  22. One Night in Bangkok - Fishing in Thailand
  23. SPECIAL OFFER - Chalkstream fishing on the Test
  24. Catching the mighty Mahseer on the fly
  25. Salmonstock! National Acts Headline US Concert to Celebrate Wild Alaskan Salmon
  26. Jeremy Wade is Back Fishing for More River Monsters
  27. NASF salmon conservation auction in Norway raises a record £90,000!
  28. Where do Tarpon Spawn? The Mystery Continues...
  29. IGFA Launches New E-membership - Free for a Year!
  30. September Caption Competition - Win Polaroid Fishing Sunglasses
  31. Iceland's River Sela launches new website
  32. Building Society Funds River Education for Kids
  33. Fly Tying Materials - Predator Fibres from Semperfli
  34. Jim Haughey of NASF in UK's New Year Honours list
  35. Costa Lots! The World's Most Expensive Polarised Sunglasses?
  36. International Fly Tackle Dealer show opens in New Orleans
  37. Brit opens up the amazing fishing of the Amazon rainforest to fly anglers
  38. Fishing on the Frontier – Part 38: The New Frontier
  39. T&T Reboots
  40. Sanderson leaves Hardy & Greys
  41. Fly Fishing and Chillin' at Pesca Maya
  42. A chance to bid for two day’s fly fishing with rugby legend Gareth Edwards!
  43. Maryland Honours Fly Fishing Legend Lefty Kreh
  44. Mayfly
  45. Scott Fly Rods : Behind the Scenes
  46. Fly Fishing in the Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
  47. Russia and EU Join Fight Over Norwegian Salmon Netting
  48. South Coast Sea Trout Action Plan Launched
  49. Atlantic Salmon Reserve - Secured for Future Generations
  50. The Game Fishers Diary
  51. Simms Launches New Blog Called "The Wading Room"
  52. Salmon to return to the Tyne's river Derwent for first time in hundreds of years
  53. Hardy & Greys to restructure with loss of MD Richard Sanderson and many redundancies
  54. Scientists get close to 7ft long salmon found in Oregon
  55. New boats test the waters in the River Tyne
  56. Great lots on offer at the Aberdeenshire Dee Annual Auction 2011 - on Now!
  57. NASF salmon conservation auction in Norway raises a record 90,000!
  58. Esk Salmon Board on collision course with Scottish Government
  59. Massive 64lb salmon caught in Sweden
  60. River Dore at Peterchurch runs dry!
  61. South Tyne: Private double bank Salmon fishing on offer for party of 4!
  62. Fishing on top salmon beats auctioned to support NASF
  63. Atlantic Salmon Trust at 'Salmon Summit'
  64. Norways salmon fishing - hidden gems to be revealed at Farlows
  65. Iceland's Directorate of Fisheries publishes brochure about its Salmon & Trout
  66. Umpqua wild coho fishery closes Saturday, Oct. 1
  67. Salmon return to the Dublin's River Tolka
  68. Salmon benefit from a more open Severn
  69. Lost Salmon are re-populating the Mersey
  70. Scotland announces record 2010 salmon catch
  71. Fish farms less harmful than thought
  72. Scales reveal where salmon go at sea
  73. Salmon can sniff out predators
  74. Scottish Salmon Fishery Boards launch new websites
  75. NASF to host dinner for River Dee Ghillies, Scotland
  76. Salmon Angler drowns in Norway
  77. Norway poisons river Vefsna to eradicate killer parasite Gyrodactylus salaris
  78. Something for everyone: the Salmon & Trout association annual auction now open for b
  79. Last chance to grab some special Tyne salmon fishing - auction for Tyne Rivers Trust
  80. Ocean Silver, the Atlantic Salmon's Ocean Odyssey: Implications for Fishery Managers
  81. River Spey salmon stocking under review
  82. A Norwegian Salmon Hero - (yes they do exist!)
  83. Ask a question of Atlantic Salmon Magic author Topher Browne
  84. Allis Shad makes welcome return to the Tamar
  85. Salmon & Trout Association launches www.standupforwildsalmon.org
  86. Critical Situation for Salmon from Sea Lice and Escapes in Norway
  87. Spring chinook bag limits increased on Wallowa, Imnaha rivers
  88. Spring chinook prospects promising on Sandy River
  89. Lambley Fly Fishing Fair 3nd July 2011
  90. Monster salmon from the Gaula - 46.5lb on fly
  91. Atlantic Salmon Reserve in Russia's Kola Peninsula Sold!
  92. Atlantic Salmon Magic - putting the glamour back into salmon fishing
  93. Salmon Conservationist Arrested for Blocking Aquaculture Smolt Trucks
  94. New Salmon Books Arrive in the UK
  95. Beauty and the Beast. Atlantic salmon v farmed escapees
  96. Decline in Scottish wild Atlantic salmon stocks confirmed in salmon farming areas
  97. Obituary: The Hon. Jean Cormack (nee Davies). May 1st 1929-June 4th 2011
  98. Miramichi Fishing Reports 2011
  99. Comprehensive study of the economic benefits of wild Atlantic salmon commissioned
  100. Could a new NASF drive to save scarce salmon produce another 64- pounder?
  101. Duke goes native over Norwegian salmon nets
  102. Superb Tyne fishing up for auction in support of the Tyne Rivers Trust
  103. Greenland Gives Wild Atlantic Salmon One Year's Reprieve from Commercial Harvest
  104. Salmon Heroes of Norway
  105. Shocking salmon-exploitation rates by anglers discovered on the Beiar River, Norway
  106. Norway fines sloppy salmon anglers
  107. June 1st and Norways great salmon rivers open with signs of big things to come.
  108. Norway: Record numbers of Vosso River salmon smolts released
  109. Castlemaine Harbour (South West Ireland) commercial salmon netting to be re-opened
  110. Norway to re-open 2,500km of productive salmon rivers
  111. ODFW seeks comments for fish passage exemptions on Crystal Creek and Spring Creek
  112. Aberdeenshire Dee has best week of the salmon season so far
  113. A boost for sea trout conservation on the South and North Esks
  114. Salmon in the Elbe river, Czech Republic
  115. Orkla salmon head north
  116. Oregon lakes may have $1 million fish
  117. Another mighty Tay spring salmon caught and released, 38lbs Glendelvine Beat
  118. Aberdeenshire Dee fishing estate for sale! A snip at 4.3 million!
  119. ASF awards anglers that operate Live Release on salmon they catch
  120. At last a fish farm winning the battle against sea lice
  121. River Hofsa in Iceland has prime fishing available
  122. Politicians invited to pledge protection of Scotland's wild salmon
  123. 33lb spring salmon for 14yr old Lois Brown from Ballathie beat of the Tay
  124. Fish farming giant Marine Harvest to face cull of over 680,000 farmed salmon
  125. Chum salmon re-introduced in lower Columbia
  126. Scone Palace Scottish Game Fair: Arrive in style to Scotlands premier rural event
  127. Genetic project beginning to reveal some inner secrets about salmon
  128. Atlantic Salmon Magic - the new go-to book on Salmo Salar
  129. Salmon & Trout Association exposes sham of salmon farming industry claims
  130. Sea Trout Catch Statistics of Wales 2000 to 2009
  131. 2011 ASFB and RAFT Annual Review confirms 2010 as record year for salmon in Scotland
  132. Salmon fishing catch statistics of Iceland 2000 to 2010
  133. Iceland's salmon fishing catch statistics 2010. Another good year!
  134. 2011 RAFTS Conference asks what can fisheries trusts bring to the party?
  135. Sportfish Winforton Spring Open Weekend
  136. New world record Atlantic Salmon (landlocked) ratified by IGFA
  137. Salmon catch statistics of Norway 2000 to 2010
  138. Norway's Catch & Release Ratings - a change in attitude needed!
  139. Norway's Salmon Catch Statistics 2010
  140. Catch and release advice aims to boost salmon survival
  141. Record 2010 salmon season on Tweed official!
  142. River Carron Restoration Project boosted by new statistics
  143. Time to dream about the big Salmon of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve, Kola Peninsula!
  144. New season
  145. Fred Parsons, Salmon Conservationist, Honoured For Developing Tourism
  146. Norwegian farmed salmon on the run
  147. Norway's National Salmon Policy Fails Miserably: Fear of 175,000 escapee salmon
  148. Calls for opening up of St. Croix River to Alewives (river herring)
  149. Dams on Kennebec still killing Atlantic salmon
  150. Notice of proposed changes in the regulations of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game
  151. Japanese begin study on rediscovered 'kunimasu' salmon
  152. EPA announces plans to assess Bristol Bay environment
  153. Salmon season 2011 - Opening week action in Scotland
  154. Tyne 2011 salmon season starts with a couple of beauties
  155. 2011 salmon fishing season opens today on the River Dee, Aberdeenshire
  156. Atlantic Salmon Trust 2011 Auction sets a date with Gareth Edwards
  157. The top salmon fishing rivers in England. Table of catches 2000 to 2009
  158. Proposals to designate critical habitat for threatened Lower Columbia River salmon
  159. Salmon River, NY Streaming Webcam running 1-17-2011
  160. The Tay salmon season 2011 opening at Kenmore raises more than a glass
  161. River Helmsdale Opening Ceremony 2011
  162. Environment Agency Publish Fisheries Statistics Report 2009
  163. China deal on farmed salmon will hasten wild salmon and sea trout demise
  164. Atlantic Salmon Federation urges changes to prevent farmed fish from escaping
  165. Atlantic Salmon Trust 2011 Salmon Fishing Auction: early-closing offers
  166. Salmon fishing on offer. Place your bids and support Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction
  167. Huston McCollough wins the Savills Malloch Trophy 2010 with 36 lb salmon
  168. China International Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition 2011(China Fish 2011)
  169. Tweed's record 2010 salmon season ends
  170. Have your say on Irish salmon tagging regulations for 2011
  171. Aberdeenshire Dee records excellent 2010 season
  172. Norwegian Fish Farms escapees destroying pure wild salmon populations in NINA report
  173. Salmon wars at Holyrood
  174. Faroese ask for their salmon back
  175. Norway's Environment Minister Erik Solheim encourages fish farms to move on land
  176. Researcher Honoured For Uncovering Mysteries of Salmon at Sea
  177. 4,000 farmed salmon escape in Loch Laxford
  178. Outrage at 100,000 EU grant to salmon netting company
  179. NASF Norway auction raises another stunning 80.000!
  180. Record Tyne salmon and sea trout run continues
  181. Fish farm failures collapse co-operation agreement with wild salmon supporters
  182. Salmon fishing Auction in Oslo to support NASF
  183. River Thurso's salmon season ends with records returns
  184. Global Club's feature length film
  185. Another record month for salmon and sea trout runs on the Tyne
  186. River Spey anglers survey launches.
  187. Tweed boatman job up for grabs
  188. More rivers join the Fish&Fly/Farson Digital salmon river webcam network!
  189. Public invited to Exe Estuary flood risk exhibition
  190. ASF's Bill Taylor Notes Rivers near Salmon Farms Have Poor Runs
  191. Hardy & Greys launch new products at British Fly Fair International 2010
  192. A salmon run as it should be - guess which river?
  193. Salmon & Trout Assoc employ lawyer to lobby fish farms and protect salmon & sea trout
  194. Tees Barrage Report Confirms Anglers' Fears
  195. Record numbers of salmon and sea trout were found in English rivers during 2009
  196. 60lb+ Atlantic salmon caught from the Tana, Norway
  197. Fish Legal in attempt to save wild salmon on the River Lagan
  198. Dead sea trout and salmon found in Cornwall's East Looe spark investigation
  199. Salmon make a comeback on River Valency
  200. "One for the pot" or one too many?
  201. Poor Atlantic salmon catches on the Spey hits businesses
  202. Atlantic Salmon Trust wants new sea lice approach to save salmon
  203. Maine USA: Atlantic Salmon Recovery Framework Kickoff Meeting, August 19, 2010
  204. Soldiers Swap Rifles For Rods; injured soldiers fish on Tweed.........
  205. Salmon fishing in Norway. Top salmon rivers. Rod-catch table 2000 to 2009
  206. Salmon: To stock or not to stock that is the question?
  207. Atlantic salmon rod catches in Scotland 2000 to 2009
  208. River Spey webcam launches!
  209. Scotland's 2009 Atlantic Salmon Rod Catches
  210. Record salmon and sea trout runs on the Tyne
  211. New Lakselv river record salmon, 51.7lbs!
  212. Norway's June 2010. Exceptional quality fish but fewer of them!
  213. Icelands 2010 salmon season opens with bumper catches!
  214. Miramichi river, Canada goes catch & release in response to poor salmon runs
  215. New river levels website from the Environment Agency
  216. Thousands sign petition demanding action to save wild salmon
  217. ODFW increases steelhead/salmon bag limit on Willamette, Clackamas, and Sandy rivers
  218. Northern Ireland forced to change salmon policy
  219. Join us at the Tyne Fishing Festival at Lambley Farm, Haltwhistle, Northumberland
  220. Hofs river in Iceland under new management for 2011
  221. Learn from world casting champion Steve Rajeff
  222. Norway's Atlantic salmon catches by rod and line 2009
  223. Learn from world casting champion Steve Rajeff
  224. Alaska: Kenai King salmon fishery closed because of poor numbers
  225. Salmon project goes swimmingly in Europe
  226. Launch of 1.75 million Irish MulkearLIFE river restoration project
  227. Aunan Lodge, Orkla River - first week better than feared.
  228. Alarm bells ring for salmon in North West USA and Canada
  229. Norways 2010 salmon fishing off to a good start
  230. Bonneville hatchery to host states largest free fishing event
  231. Aunan Lodge, Orkla River off to a great 2010 start.
  232. The Namsen River with a mighty 21.0 kilos (46 lb) salmon on opening day 1 June.
  233. Norway attempts to kill off remaining wild salmon stocks - River Tana under threat
  234. Bjra River, Namsen tributary with Norway's season's best
  235. Drammen River, Norway with the first 2010 BIG salmon
  236. River Tweed webcam goes live!
  237. Hardy Sintrix: Hardy Greys announce new SINTRIX fishing rod sensation
  238. Estimate the weight of your salmon
  239. Spring chinook fishery to open on Powder River
  240. Norway's salmon fishing pre-season gets off to a slow start
  241. Superb BBC Alba salmon TV series available online!
  242. Massive floods hit Nordland region of Norway
  243. Poor funding further endangers Canada's Atlantic Salmon
  244. Spawning new opportunities for sea trout on Cambridgeshire river
  245. Historic Atlantic salmon caught from the Hampshire Avon
  246. New salmon hatchery for the Columbia river approved
  247. River Wye paintings on show at Chepstow Museum
  248. The one that got away shocking facts on salmon return rates
  249. Financial troubleshooter called in to help Atlantic salmon
  250. River Dee (Aberdeenshire) Annual Report 2009 published