Alphonse Island News – Week 17

Last week was the halfway point of the Alphonse season and Keith Rose-Innes reports that the triggers were feeding hard on the flats. ... Full story

Alphonse Island News – Week 9

Keith Rose-Innes reports that the triggerfish kept feeding and that there were plenty of great fish for everyone on the St Francois flats last week. ... Full story

Alphonse Island News – Week 8

Keith Rose-Innes reports back from the Seychelles, where it’s ‘trigger time!’ ... Full story

Astove Fishing News – A Real Flyer!

Keith Rose-Innes reports that Astove Atoll is off to a real flyer with slams, triggers and big GTs galore! ... Full story

Opening Week on Astove Atoll

Keith Rose-Innes reports on the start of the season on Astove, as six anglers shared 93 GTs – with five of them over a metre! ... Full story

Farquhar Report 13 - 20 Oct 2012

Aardvark McLeod share the results of the first weeks fishing on the remote Farquhar atoll in the Seychelles, home to many species such as the famous GT or Giant Trevally, bonefish, trigger fish and offshore species too like tuna and sailfish. It's a long journey down but boy is it worth it! ... Full story

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