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Autumn on the Kola? It must be Umba

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Autumn on the Kola? It must be Umba

Salmon Junkies (tag: 'We are hooked!') are renowned for not just a great name but also for the groups of adrenaline-fuelled salmon fishers they send out over the wilds of the southern Kola Peninsula to fish the Umba river and these days too, the upper Varzuga (or Grand Varzuga as they call it). Now it's September their focus is firmly on the River Umba from where their first autumn report arrives via Kåre Lundquist..

'This week we went from summer to autumn with frost in the morning biting our guests heading to the pools,' writes Kåre Lundquist.

'Our French group who all were first-time visitors to the River Umba had a great week - after some fine-tuning the first couple of days.

'Nicolas Bernard had no need for any lectures and first night he caught a nice Umba chromer of 19.5 Lbs in Home Channel. From there on in during the week he caught 13 fresh chromers. Biggest fish by Nicolas were 3 x 12 Lbs, 1 x 14 Lbs, 2 x 15 Lbs, 1 x 19.5 Lbs and 1 x 21 Lbs, welcome to 20 Lbs club, well done!

'Marc Bizien entered the Umba history book as well with 13 salmon. Biggest fish for Marc ranged around 2 x 14 Lbs, 1 x 15 Lbs, 1 x 16 Lbs, 1 x 17 Lbs, 1 x 18 and 1 x 19. Well done and a promising trend should he return.

'A big congratulation to Stephane Warnier who also became member of 20 Lbs with a big fat Autumn whopper, straight from the sea. Robin Ejderløf from Sweden will never forget this week, he hooked a BIG monster in Golden Pool, however his line could not take the pressure and “snap” it was gone. There is a fish waiting for you there:)

Summary of biggest fish for the week: 10-14 Lbs = 29, 15-19 Lbs = 16 and 2 x 21 Lbs. Flies; Red/Billy Butt and Cascade seize 6-8, floating line with sink tip. Water temperature, at 13 Deg C, was absolutely perfect.

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