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Rare ‘White’ Marlin Caught

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A fishing crew in Costa Rica caught and released a 300lb marlin that has set the international angling community abuzz.

Source: ksl.com


KSL report that:

It’s not the fact that the fish weighed 300lb that made the billfish unique; what set it apart from thousands of other marlin caught each year is that this blue marlin was white.

International headlines quickly dubbed the fish an albino, but the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) issued a statement refuting this claim saying:

"Although common names for marlin generally focus on colour (e.g., black marlin, blue marlin, striped marlin, etc.) colour is typically not the best feature to use in identifying billfish - especially in this case! The shape and size of this marlin’s dorsal and pectoral fins clearly indicate that it’s a blue marlin even though it’s not blue at all.

The eye colour - black, rather than red or pink - also indicates that this marlin is leucistic (which is a reduction in pigmentation) rather than albino."

The white marlin was caught by New Yorker Karen Weaver, a veteran saltwater angler, who was fishing with her husband and Captain Juan Carlos Zamora roughly 20 miles off of Los Suenos, Costa Rica when the fish hit and as soon as the fish went airborne, the crew of the boat recognized that it was a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

After an hour-long battle on 30lb test gear Weaver brought the marlin to the boat where it was safely released.

Read more and see images of the fish HERE

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