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River Eden Brown trout

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 44: The Changing River

Following on with the theme of presentation this month, which is so visible on the river angling agenda nowadays, one cannot help but notice...
Fishing in Australia's NT

Australia’s Northern Territory

For most Brits, fishing in Australia ‘started’ with Rex Hunt and the Seven Network’s enthralling ‘Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures’, which ran for an impressive 14 seasons and introduced us to the incredibly diverse and exciting range of angling opportunities offered by the country.

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 1

by Jeremy Lucas - San River I want to introduce you to the most beautiful river in Europe, and the best grayling fishery in the...
Consideration of good wading, or approach, technique is of prime concern in the entire presentation process.

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 52: Sumava

Jeremy Lucas continues his exploration of fishing in the Czech Rebublic When we moved from the Otava region deeper into the Sumava national park of...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 20

Tactical Wading Part 3 River fly fishing, indeed all fly fishing, is mostly about presentation.  I know that flies are important - specific patterns; but...
Czech international fly fisher Dan Svrcek during one of his demos

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 46: The Leader

The interest and development in leader-only techniques are accelerating rapidly. It has been the influence of the European river masters, stemming from the French,...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 7: Presentation Again!

There are so many angles to consider: so much to work out in order to put the fly where the fish is. This is what...
A beautiful wild brown trout on a bed of ranunculus.

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 49: The Conservation Frontier

I have long been fascinated and driven by what I perceive as the frontier in fly fishing. But there are numerous frontiers out there....
Brown trout succumb more readily to well presented dry flies

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 43: Casting Leader-to-Hand

The concept and development of the leader to hand technique that Jeremy Lucas has been explaining over his past few columns has certainly stirred...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 29

Spring on Eden "You have to be in the right place at the right time" says Jeremy Lucas talking about spring fishing. Timing can be...
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