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A feeder beck on the Eden - perfect Tenkara territory!

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 45: Western-style Goes East

I never really agree with the cliché that there is nothing new in the sport. That would be to deny originality. There is always...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 20

Tactical Wading Part 3 River fly fishing, indeed all fly fishing, is mostly about presentation.  I know that flies are important - specific patterns; but...
Fishing the San River in Poland - home to this years World Championships

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 31

World Championship Jeremy Lucas returns with his popular series about the leading edge of fly fishing development and what we can all learn from it. It...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 35: The New Frontier

Fly Fishing guide, instructor and author Jeremy Lucas notes the continued rise in interest in fishing for grayling this winter and adds his own...
Czech international fly fisher Dan Svrcek during one of his demos

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 46: The Leader

The interest and development in leader-only techniques are accelerating rapidly. It has been the influence of the European river masters, stemming from the French,...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 22

Contrasts - Competition and Conservation In a rough and tumble, helter skelter spring with a fly rod; from deep cold to deep drought, to storms...
Marker peg from the 2010 Fly Fishing World Championships

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 32

Observations from the World Championship It was immensely edifying this year to be able to observe the World Championship, on such a magnificent river as...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 9

In several of the practice sessions for last year's European Championships in Norway, I spent quite a lot of time observing Iain Barr's presentation...
Tom Speak - one of a new generation of river anglers according to Jeremy Lucas

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 47: The Bridge

"What an extraordinary year with a fly rod it has been! While much of the autumn has been spoiled because of the flooded rivers,...

Fishing on the Frontier – Part 23

Dry Fly It strikes me that in all the trips to the river (almost daily for an hour or two) since some time in May;...
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