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Biologist Presents Novel Approach To Boosting Wild Atlantic Salmon Numbers In Irish Rivers

Source: Dr Kyle Young, a research associate from the University of Zurich, was recently invited to give a presentation as part of the Inland...

Arrival of Non-Native Pink Salmon in Ireland Causes Unease

Further to the reports from Scotland of Pink salmon occasionally turning up in catches this year, it seems Ireland is also experiencing the same...

Angling Trust Urges Anglers to Respond to Consultation to End Unsustainable Salmon Netting

The Environment Agency has launched an informal consultation about the exploitation of salmon in England which, if the preferred option is chosen, could bring...

Letting the Dove Flow

WTT Conservation Officer Tim Jacklin is working on a project to ‘let the Dove flow’ by breaching some of the 100 weirs that were...

An End to Iceland’s ‘Green’ Energy Policy?

Orri Vigfússon of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) writes to prevent the green credentials of Iceland’s energy policy being tarnished.

English Salmon Summit – A Turning Point?

Government announces new draft measures to address failing salmon stocks.

Vitacress and Salmon & Trout Conservation Join Forces on Water Quality

Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC) and Vitacress have joined forces to help reduce phosphate outputs from the watercress industry. In-river phosphate and invertebrate sampling commissioned...
A shad

Have you seen a Shad?

Source: Natural Resources Wales This month, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is asking people for their help to record sightings of a rare fish found in...

The Laxford Loch Sea Trout Tracking Project

Sea trout also play an important role within ecosystems and are an indicator of clean and healthy freshwater burns and rivers. But sadly sea...

Wild Trout Trust Conservation Awards 2017

Over 100 guests attended a Wild Trout Trust evening at the Savile Club in London to present the 2017 Conservation Awards for the best...
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