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Pink Salmon Now Caught in Newfoundland

Pink salmon have ranged even further out into the Atlantic than UK shores it seems - now reaching the rivers in Newfoundland according to...

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s 6th International Science Symposium

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s 6th International Science Symposium will take place November 10—11, 2017, at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa, in Weston, Florida. Open...

Atlantic Salmon Trust – Chairman’s Message

Robbie Douglas Miller explains why the AST are so concerned about salmon and how that has focused the AST on 3 core programmes.

English Salmon Summit – A Turning Point?

Government announces new draft measures to address failing salmon stocks.

Atlantic Salmon Farms Shift to Open Seas, Trying to Shake Off Lice

Source: Associated Press via OSLO — Atlantic salmon farming companies are designing huge pens to raise fish in the open seas in a radical shift...

Tyne Rivers Trust Call for Volunteers

Issued by the Tyne Rivers Trust: The Trust is calling for people to get involved with our vital work conserving and regenerating the River Tyne. Volunteers...

Along with the migrating steelhead, Oregon river pool holds life lessons

A wonderful article and associated short video in the LA Times about the life and work of Lee Spencer who has spent 20 years...

Study to reveal cause of dwindling salmon numbers

Atlantic Salmon Trust announces study during 50th anniversary celebrations Prince Charles and King Harald of Norway attend anniversary dinner Hardy’s reel sells for...

The Laxford Loch Sea Trout Tracking Project

Sea trout also play an important role within ecosystems and are an indicator of clean and healthy freshwater burns and rivers. But sadly sea...

No More Open Sea Fish Farms says NASF

A stop to all further open-sea salmon farming in Norway has been announced. This is a very important step towards the protection of wild...
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