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Conservation news and stories from the fishing world

NRW launches consultation on catch control byelaws for net and rod fisheries

Fisheries are worth an estimated £150m to the Welsh economy each year and support around 1,500 jobs, therefore, it is important to protect them. The...

Study to reveal cause of dwindling salmon numbers

Atlantic Salmon Trust announces study during 50th anniversary celebrations Prince Charles and King Harald of Norway attend anniversary dinner Hardy’s reel sells for...

Trout released to boost North East rivers

Source: Environment Agency The Environment Agency has released more than 8,000 young trout into North East rivers to give stocks a boost. The trout – bred...

Good News for Florida’s Everglades and Estuaries

On May 9th Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 10, which will accelerate the planning and implementation of a new reservoir in the Everglades...

Arrival of Non-Native Pink Salmon in Ireland Causes Unease

Further to the reports from Scotland of Pink salmon occasionally turning up in catches this year, it seems Ireland is also experiencing the same...

New fish pass opens up County Durham beck

A new fish pass on a County Durham beck is giving fish access to an additional 6km of habitat. The new rock ramp fish pass...

Why England’s chalk-streams are drying and dying

The pressure on our natural resources is illustrated in the quiet death of a chalk-stream. And this year 2017, they are drying and dying...

Sea Trout Hosts Help With Pearl Mussel Conservation

Thousands of young sea trout (trout which have been bred from brood stock sea trout collected from the river) have been released into rivers...

An End to Iceland’s ‘Green’ Energy Policy?

Orri Vigfússon of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) writes to prevent the green credentials of Iceland’s energy policy being tarnished.

Angling Trust Urges Anglers to Respond to Consultation to End Unsustainable Salmon Netting

The Environment Agency has launched an informal consultation about the exploitation of salmon in England which, if the preferred option is chosen, could bring...
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