Friday, October 19, 2018
Tweed Salmon Jumping

Tweed Salmon Fishing Report – April 9, 2017

It was a good week last week with over 100 fish reportedly caught with many being fresh and sea-liced.  The general size of fish...

IFFA River International, River Ebbw, South Wales

By England river team captain - Jeremy Lucas An outstanding Welsh team, under the captaincy of Kieron Jenkins and management of Paul Jenkins, pulled off...

National Fishing Month – Kids Fly Fish for Free with Fishing Breaks

As part of National Fishing Month many of Simon Cooper's Fishing Breaks river owners have banded together to offer Free Day Tickets for the...

Brown trout return to Newcastle-under-Lyme

This follows successful work to improve the ecology and habitat of the brook. The Lyme Brook runs through the heart of the town, and has...

Alphonse Island News – Week 16

‘Bonefish Sunday’ kicks off another eventful week on Alphonse, Keith and the team report back on week 16.
Tweed Salmon Jumping

Tweed Salmon Fishing Report – May 1, 2017

Once again, another quiet week last week here on Tweedside, due primarily to the low water conditions and lack of fresh fish entering the...

Word of warning to hydro-electric scheme operators from NRW

Hydro-electric scheme operators in Wales are being urged to comply with the condition of their licenses. The call comes from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) following...

The Great River Rescue is Coming – Sign Up to Help Your Local River

The public is invited to help rescue the nation’s waterways during the month of October, by taking part in England’s first national clean-up focused...
Sketch by Charles Farlow

Uncovered – 1851 Sketchbook of Charles Farlow

(This article originally appeared in Classic Angling Magazine) A unique book featuring sketches by Charles Farlow has turned up in a provincial UK auction. The sketchpad, which is dated 1850...

Salmon-tracking device recovered off Nova Scotia

A solar-powered fish-tracking drone has been recovered off the North American Coast after a 3,000 km journey. And the 'surf board' device, says the Atlantic Salmon Federation, which tracks tagged fish released from the Miramichi River and the Restigouche River and some other rivers in New Brunswick will provide a valuable insight and data into the movement of salmon after they leave their rivers of origin.
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