Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Sweet William Fly and Norman Greenwood

We anglers are some of the nicest, most helpful and cheeriest people you could ever wish to meet by the waterside. Well most of us anyway! Once in a while one person stands head and shoulders above us all. Sadly, a few years ago we lost that character.
Storm Kettle

The Joy of the Storm Kettle!

Since acquiring the first of my two Storm Kettles some ten years ago I have had to decide on countless occasions whether to pack...

Hemingway on Seine Salmon

Ernest’s grandson, John Hemingway, reflects on Atlantic salmon

Norway's Rich Salmon History

Tarquin Millington-Drake from Frontiers Travel points to Norway's famous salmon fishing of the past, perhaps only second to that of Scotland, and that it is still possible to find great fishing if you know where to look.

Carp on the Fly Features in US TV Show

Fly Fishing the World is a very popular fly fishing TV show that has been syndicated around the world. They are filming a brand new series right now with new host Conway Bowman, a fly fishing guide best know for his pioneering work in creating a catch and release fishery for mako sharks on fly gear out of San Diego, California.

Tales of the Unexpected

I have never forgotten the first time as a barrister I addressed a jury on behalf of a client. It was a rather stuttering...

Zeiss TERRA ED Pocket Binoculars

What They Say The ZEISS TERRA ED Pocket 10x25 delivers breathtaking, enlarging images at 10x magnification and is easy to use with smooth, exact focusing...

It is Good to Visit New Rivers Sometimes isn’t it?

Like football fans and their favourite teams, many anglers maintain surprising loyalty to the beats and rivers they visit, even when the opportunity of...

Cosmoledo Fly Fishing Trip Report

Justin McCarthy reports back from a week spent in the 'Land of the Giants'
The Tug is The Drug by Chris Santella

The Tug is The Drug by Chris Santella

The Tug is The Drug by Chris Santella They Say "These thirty-seven stories take readers from leaping makos near the fairways of Torrey Pines to midnight...
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