Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Rundhaug Gjestegård with the ‘silver’ bearing Målselv in front and gold bearing Mauken hills beyond!

Målselv Gold and Salmon Silver

The Målselv River of Troms, northern Norway was once the preserve of the wealthy British 'Salmon Lords' – now a team of UK fishing writers return to rediscover its silver. Will they strike it lucky?

John Wilson, a plank and other things.

Hello everybody. This week's chunk of guff is brought to you live on Talksport 2 from our kitchen floor, where your correspondent and his wife...

Angling Trust Welcomes New Plan

The Angling Trust has welcomed the commitment from the EA to deliver an ambitious five-point plan to halt the dramatic decline of salmon stocks in England.

Fish & Fly interview Jeremy Wade about new series “Dark Waters”

Kirsty Hewitt of Fish & Fly, and Keith Elliott of Classic Angling, met up with Jeremy Wade to hear about his new...
Junction Pool River Tweed

A Tale of Two Rivers

I have had the privilege of fishing one of the classic salmon rivers of Scotland. Not merely that but on its best and world-famous...

Ocean Condition Changes Affect Salmon Prey

Changes in ocean conditions in the northwest Atlantic have altered the food web, changing the quantity and quality of important prey species.

Tales of the Unexpected

I have never forgotten the first time as a barrister I addressed a jury on behalf of a client. It was a rather stuttering...

A Dark Office Party, Shortages and Being Kind.

Hello everybody.   Well, we've had some wonderful rain and gravels that were dry in October are now submerged, a...

Beach Combing with Ming the Merciless

For those that have kindly been in touch... No we haven't been away on holiday this week , although Madam is once again on the annual...

With my left foot, Thierry Henry would be complete

Shalom, Sukoon and Howdy Doo! And so to business. Maisie popped in last week with the dimensions of the logs required for their new wood burner....
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