Friday, February 21, 2020

IFFA River International, River Ebbw, South Wales

By England river team captain - Jeremy Lucas An outstanding Welsh team, under the captaincy of Kieron Jenkins and management of Paul Jenkins, pulled off...

The Be Sharps and The Binkiest Nabob

On me everyone as there is much to discuss. But first a word from our sponsor... The Husqvarna 365 is a semi professional saw with a...
Junction Pool River Tweed

A Tale of Two Rivers

I have had the privilege of fishing one of the classic salmon rivers of Scotland. Not merely that but on its best and world-famous...

Angling Trust Welcomes New Plan

The Angling Trust has welcomed the commitment from the EA to deliver an ambitious five-point plan to halt the dramatic decline of salmon stocks in England.

Tales of the Unexpected

I have never forgotten the first time as a barrister I addressed a jury on behalf of a client. It was a rather stuttering...

It is Good to Visit New Rivers Sometimes isn’t it?

Like football fans and their favourite teams, many anglers maintain surprising loyalty to the beats and rivers they visit, even when the opportunity of...

New Season! Just In! Everything on this rail £5!

And we're off! Two days into the new fishing season and fish are already falling for a hawthorn in some of the heaviest hatches of...

Demolition! Demolition! Demolition!

Hello Everybody and welcome to Ditch Watch. Still dry, although the river has crept up slowly following the retreat of Snowmageddon. The Field known as...

Six Go Mad in Iceland

It was just last week that six of us, Geoff Maynard (above) Pete Henton, Stuart Tod, Brian Havell, Jason Lacny and I discovered what it...
Rundhaug Gjestegård with the ‘silver’ bearing Målselv in front and gold bearing Mauken hills beyond!

Målselva Gold and Salmon Silver

The Målselv River of Troms, northern Norway was once the preserve of the wealthy British 'Salmon Lords' – now a team of UK fishing writers return to rediscover its silver. Will they strike it lucky?
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