Monday, November 30, 2020
Trakka TB-200 Polarized Binoculars

Trakka Systems (Byfield Optics) TB-200 Polarised Binoculars

Introduction A while back I was checking through one of our fly fishing forum sites when I noticed a discussion about binoculars. What caught my...

Bluffer’s Guide to Fishing

What the publisher says The Bluffer's Guide to Fishing Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of fishing....

A History of Salmon Fishing on the River Thurso

What the book cover says: This book traces the history of salmon fishing on the river Thurso in Scotland from 1700 to the present day....

A Year in the Life – A Fly Fishing Journey

They Say Almost 18 months in the making, A Year In The Life - A Fly Fishing Journey showcases 5 of the most amazing fly...
Great Angling Disasters

Great Angling Disasters

What the Publisher Says Great Angling Disasters edited by Tom Quinn Great Angling Disasters is a wonderful collection of fishy tales from the past 200 years that...
Sea Trout by Steffan Jones

Sea Trout by Steffan Jones

What the Publisher Says Sea Trout - Tips, Tricks & Tribulations Sea Trout are a mysterious fish. They come and go with the tide and sneak...
father craft by Kevin W. Erickson

Feather Craft by Kevin W. Erickson

What the Publishers Say First ever photographic and illustrated guide to the unusual and beautiful feathers used in salmon fly patterns, some common, others rare....

CHALK The Movie – Film Review

CHALK – Bedrock of Fly Fishing Exclusive to FishingTV. They Say "The Test. The Itchen. Broadlands. Mottisfont. Halford. Skues. Sawyer. The names associated with the chalkstreams of...
Double Delphi by Peter Mantle

Double Delphi by Peter Mantle

"Once in a while a book comes along that you just want to keep on reading. This for me anyway was Double Delphi." They Say Double Delphi...
The Tug is The Drug by Chris Santella

The Tug is The Drug by Chris Santella

The Tug is The Drug by Chris Santella They Say "These thirty-seven stories take readers from leaping makos near the fairways of Torrey Pines to midnight...
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