Privacy Policy

Fish&Fly Privacy Statement effective as of May 2018

Data Protection Changes 25th May 2018: Europe has tightened the rules on how private data is gathered, stored and used with new legislation (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations) enforced from May 25, 2018. It’s a complicated enforcement but essentially what it means is that your rights have changed and in summary:

Your rights

  1. You can ask for a copy of any data held about you by us free of charge.
    We need to respond within 30 days.
  2. You can ask for your information to be changed or deleted.
    You can see and change most of the information we hold in the control panel of your forum account.
  3. You must give active consent to receive communications (including emails).
    This is why you will be receiving lots of emails from organisations asking you to re-subscribe.  i.e. no more pre-ticked boxes! Please do subscribe to our Fish&Fly newsletter!
  4. You must be able to easily take away consent (unsubscribe) to communications.
    Please see the bottom of the Fish&Fly newsletter to do this.

Why and how we collect and use your personal information

Fish & Fly recognises the importance of protecting your personal information, however, in order for our systems to act as forums based on electronic correspondence between individuals we need each person to create a unique online account. By its very nature this means that some personal data must be collected and stored. By collecting this data Fish&Fly has the following responsibilities:

  1. We must safeguard your information and keep it secure.
    All of our websites are hosted on SSL secure domains (starting with https://). This means all traffic between you and us is encrypted. The hosting is provided by a recognised hosting provider who have their own in house security safeguards.
  2. We should only gather and store what we need.
    When you subscribe to any of the Fish&Fly forums the only private data we ask for is your first name, second name and email address. In the past we have asked for your home address, however, this information has now been deleted as is unnecessary for what we do. At registration we do ask your opinions on fishing brands and tackle but this is really to identify spammers who are trying to register. At registration we ask you whether or not you would like to receive our Fish&Fly email newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.
  3. We must make sure you know how we gather and use your personal data (if at all).
    When you register you provide us with the information outlined above but also our system records the IP address that you are using. In addition cookies are added to your browser so our system knows when you are logged in and can provide the extra functions (e.g. posting comments) only members receive. We use Google analytics to track visitor numbers and to see what they are reading and how long they are spending on the website – but this is not linked to you personally – it is system wide activity only.
  4. We need to allow you to easily unsubscribe from communications.
    All of the Fish&Fly e-newsletters allow you to unsubscribe from future mailings.

Sharing of Personal Information

We may disclose to third parties certain aggregate information collected from you when you register or while you use the Website, provided that such information will NOT include personally identifying information, except as specifically authorized by you or in the good faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary to comply with the law, or under any of the other circumstances set forth in our privacy policy, as may be amended from time to time. You should be aware that if Fish & Fly Ltd is requested by the police or any regulatory or governmental authority investigating suspected illegal actives, or upon receipt of a court order, to provide any personally identifying information or the contents of any email and/or information concerning your activities whilst using the Website, Fish & Fly Ltd shall do so. Also, Fish & Fly Ltd reserves the right to disclose personally identifying information to third parties where a complaint arises concerning your use of the Website, and that use is deemed by Fish & Fly Ltd to be inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions.

You agree that you do not object to Fish & Fly Ltd or such third parties contacting you for any of the above purposes whether by telephone, e-mail or in writing and you confirm that you do not and will not consider any of the above as being a breach of any of your rights under the Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999.