father craft by Kevin W. Erickson

Feather Craft by Kevin W. Erickson

What the Publishers Say

First ever photographic and illustrated guide to the unusual and beautiful feathers used in salmon fly patterns, some common, others rare. In addition to macro photographs of individual feathers and striking portraits of complete capes, Allison McClay’s classic portraits of birds in the field bring the text to life. Through 16 classic and current flies, shown with complete step-by-step photographs, the author teaches techniques for working with the feathers and offers modern substitutes to more obscure feathers used in traditional salmon fly tying.

All fly tiers and anglers will find this concise, informative, and colourful work fascinating…the “wow” factor is huge.” Randall Kaufmann

What We Say

The first thing that struck me about this book is the wealth of rich and clear photography of the feathers and the stages of tying the various flies, but also the lovely illustrations of the birds that are described to give them some context also.

Without doubt Feather Craft will appeal to serious fly tiers, and particularly those with an interest in the more elaborate and intricate built-wing salmon flies, with both historic and modern patterns described and showcased. For the UK tier there may well be some new or at last unfamiliar patterns to have a go at also.

The very final few pages of the book are spent in sharing some ideas for substitute feathers as of course many of the bird species and their feathers mentioned may be rare, expensive or even banned from trade of course. Kevin W. Erickson the author, based out of Oregon in the USA, obviously knows his subject well and passes on his knowledge in a very clear and concise manner with excellent step by step tying notes and photographs of the fly patterns. Because of this even a newcomer to the world of salmon flies will hopefully be tempted to have a go and follow along and will soon marvel at the thing of beauty they finally create. Just take a look at the wonderful salmon flies included on the book cover for all the inspiration you need!

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Feather Craft is available direct from Quiller at a special members discount of 20%. To order your copy please visit their website, Home page | Quiller Books and use promo code fishandfly at the checkout; alternatively you can call their office on 01939 261616 to place an order.

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